Health No 104

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1 plot. Hurry to do good. A nurse gives an IV to an elderly man in one of the hospitals. Donors donate blood in the treatment room. NDP. Laboratory assistants examine the blood of donors. Director of the All-Union Hematological Scientific Center Academician Vorobyov gives interviews (sinhr.). 2 plot. In the factory dispensary. Belarus. Minsk. The building of the Lenin Minsk Tractor Plant. A large number of tractors on the territory of the plant. The workers work in the shops, do gymnastics in the sanatorium-preventorium of the plant, undergo acupuncture sessions, laser therapy, are treated with an aerosol preparation (dry table salt and sea salt) for bronchitis. Factory canteen workers serve tables before lunchtime. 3 plot. Tachycardia is treated by a surgeon. Moscow. The building of the A.N.Bakulev Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery. Ambulances and other vehicles at the entrance to the institute. A fragment of one of the surgical operations on the heart. Cardiogram of the heart of a person with congenital heart disease. Doctors-surgeons study the readings of the cardiogram. A fragment of the operation under the guidance of a cardiac surgeon, laureate of the Lenin and State Prize Professor Bockeria in the operating room. Schematic representation of an anomaly of the human heart. Doctors talk at the bedside of the operated girl. 4 plot. For the health of children. Krasnoyarsk. The building of the children's polyclinic of the road hospital. Children while taking inhalation procedures, dental treatment in the dental office, gymnastics with their parents and on simulators, while hardening in the pool. Patients of the polyclinic learn proper rational nutrition, undergo manual therapy classes for diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The chief physician of the clinic, Lyubov Kozhemyakina, is giving a massage to a sick child. Young mothers learn how to properly carry out general massage for infants. Children run along a forest path, swim in a pond.
L. Boldyreva, N. Gulchuk, N. Khomutova, A. Torgalo
Film ID
, polyclinics
, blood transfusion points
, hospitals
, landscapes
, tractor and agricultural machine building
, medicine
, health posts
Number of Parts
Mr. Creps, E. Korshak, V. Sveshnikov
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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