Health No 106

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1 plot. Rural hospital. Volgograd region. Kalachevsky district. The steamer is sailing along the Volga. View of the village of Bereslavka. Geese are walking along a rural road. NDP on five-story residential buildings, streets decorated with flowers. The building of the grocery store, the House of Culture "Rodina". People are working in a greenhouse. Irrigation installation in the field. Cows eat silage in a stall on a farm. Pupils leave the school. Small children play in the kindergarten group. Doctors of various specialties are admitting children and adults in the Bereslavskaya district hospital and polyclinic. Patients undergo various medical procedures. Laboratory assistants during work. X-ray, laser technology in the laboratory. The nurse lays out the surgical instruments in the operating room. 2 plot. For a sober lifestyle. Moscow. Pervomaisky district. The faces of different men. Professor Entin conducts hypnosis treatment, treatment using the Dovzhenko method: electropuncture, supported by verbal suggestion, medications with a group of people with alcoholism at the Center for Anti-Alcohol Education. A receipt from one of the patients who undertakes not to consume alcohol for a specific time. Center doctors at a meeting. Various therapeutic and prophylactic brochures on the topic of alcoholism. Teenagers during an excursion at the Center for Anti-Alcohol Education. 3 plot. New in the treatment of atherosclerosis. Poland on the building of the All-Union Cardiological Scientific Center of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. The patients of the Center undergo a special examination (angiography). A snapshot depicting the process of blood circulation on the monitor. Experimental plant Cetra: the laboratory prepares an immunosorbent (a drug that helps to extract excess blood plasma cholesterol and normalize its level). Laboratory assistants at work. The head of the laboratory, Professor Kukharchuk, is talking with one of the patients. 4 plot. Life from a test tube. A young woman feeds her newborn baby with formula from a bottle with a nipple. A newborn child lies in a barrack at the All-Union Center for Maternal and Child Health. Head of the Clinical Embryology Laboratory, Professor Leonov, talks about methods of treating infertility. Sperm movement (filmed through a microscope). The doctor conducts an appointment in the office. The process of fertilization of a female egg in the laboratory (filmed through a microscope). Newborn babies are in the pump rooms. NDP.
E. Taravkova, E. Korshak, A. Tsineman, L. Boldyreva, N. Polonskaya
Film ID
standard of living
, rural settlements
, medicinal assistance
, school education
, livestock
, fight a healthy lifestyle
, hospitals
, landscapes
, agriculture
, medicine
, a family
Number of Parts
Yu. Kuznetsov, N. Zotov, V. Motychenkov
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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