Health No 107

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The newsreel consists of the following plots: 1 plot. Diabetes. Self-control school. Doctors talk with a girl suffering from diabetes in a hospital ward. The head of the department of the All-Union Endocrinological Center N.B. Lebedev talks about the methods of treating diabetes mellitus. A nurse takes a blood test from children in a treatment room. Children play board games, have lunch in the canteen, check their own blood sugar levels before dinner, inject themselves with the necessary dose of insulin with the help of pen syringes, undergo a general medical examination at the clinic, and walk in the playground. 2 plot. Ray is a dentist's assistant. Central Research Institute of Dentistry. A girl at the dentist's appointment. The doctor treats the patient's teeth using laser-magnetic therapy. Physiotherapy unit "Yagoda". Laser installation "Scalpel-1". A fragment of one of the operations. 3 plot. The hair will tell you the diagnosis. People walk along one of the streets of the city of Kiev. Building of the Scientific Medical Center "Element". Advisory department. Children and adults at a doctor's appointment. The doctor will cut a small amount of hair from the patient's head and put it in envelopes. In the laboratory, scientists examine people's hair to detect harmful elements in the human body. The laboratory assistant takes the readings of the analysis using a plasma spectrometer. 4 plot. A brotherhood of sobriety. Young people are resting in a cafe. A girl is drinking wine from a glass, young people are sitting next to the counter. A man suffering from alcoholism at an appointment with a narcologist in clinic # 17. NDP on the premises for the prayer room in the clinic building. Patients of the clinic during the opening ceremony of the Orthodox brotherhood of temperance "Joy and Consolation" in the prayer room. The priest illuminates the prayer room. NDP on the walls painted with icon painting.
V. Berman, A. Tsineman, A. Torgalo, N. Khomutova, L. Boldyreva
Film ID
, fight a healthy lifestyle
, christianity
, health care
, hospitals
, medicine
Number of Parts
J. Revzin, N. Zotov, V. Sveshnikov, E. Korshak
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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