Health No 110

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The magazine includes the following plots: 1 plot. Second birth. Bakulev Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery. Children's department. A doctor examines a child with congenital heart disease. Babies in one of the wards. The nurse carries the baby in her arms for examination. Ultrasound examination of the baby's heart. Surgeons carry out an examination of the child's heart before the operation. Consultation of doctors. Carrying out heart surgery. The operated children in intensive care. 2 plot. Sound expels stones. Doctors examine an X-ray of a patient with urolithiasis. Carrying out a surgical operation to remove stones. Carrying out an operation to remove stones by crushing stones using a special device. The urologist of the Central Military Research Aviation Hospital, Candidate of Medical Sciences Guskov, examines the patient, conducts treatment: relieves intrarenal pressure with a vacuum device, sets up a sound wave emitter with a frequency of 3000 Hertz. The patient demonstrates to the doctor the stone that came out. 3rd plot. Veterans are being treated. Building of the 2nd Moscow hospital for invalids of the Great Patriotic War. Department of Vascular Surgery. Patients walk down the hallway. Candidate of Medical Sciences Maksimovich examines the patient. General view of the device ILGI-202, with the help of which sclerotic plaques on the vessels are destroyed. The patient is being taken to the operating room on a gurney. Surgeons perform the operation using a laser under local anesthesia. Patients in the room of physiotherapy exercises are engaged in simulators, play table tennis. 4 plot. To help young mothers. A woman dresses a baby under the guidance of a nurse. The staff of the center for promoting a healthy lifestyle for mothers and children, under the leadership of Dr. Isarlis, are discussing the release of manuals for young mothers. The center employee stacks the printed manuals on the shelves. Nurses' briefing at the Center. A nurse is giving a massage to a baby. Kid with mom in the doctor's office. The doctor talks to the boy, shows him toys .. Bathing the child in the bathroom at the Center for Young Mothers.
L. Болдырева, Г. Чубакова
Film ID
medical services for the population
, medicine
, situation of children
Number of Parts
A. Cineman, O. Згуриди, А. Torgalo
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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