Health No 69

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1 plot. Red Army chief surgeon. c / t b / w 1941-45 Shoot "Katyusha" on the battlefield. A fascist plane explodes in the sky. A Soviet soldier carries a wounded comrade from the battlefield. Photos of the scientist, theorist and practice of military field medicine surgeon N.N. Burdenko over the years. c / t b / w 1940s N.N.Burdenko before and after one of the surgical operations. Moscow. The building of the Main Clinical Hospital named after academician N.N. Burdenko. 2 plot. Zones of silence. The movement of vehicles along the streets of the city of Moscow. Employees of the F.F. Erisman Moscow Research Institute carry out numerous measurements of noise in various districts of the city of Moscow, conduct an experiment to identify the effect of noise of various levels and spectra on the reactions of the human body, on the functions of the hearing organs, on the central nervous and cardiovascular systems in the laboratory, establish the permissible noise standards. View of houses-screens, houses of shields, breaking sound waves near the highways of the city. Children play in the playground in the courtyard of a residential building. The sweeper loads a container with garbage into the back. General view of one of the sleeping areas of Moscow (filmed from the top). 3 plot. Biovalve. The building of the All-Russian Research Center of Surgery of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. A fragment of one of the operations to replace a worn-out heart valve. Professor Konstantinov talks about his work (sinhr.). The chemical composition in the vessel. An employee of the Center manually creates a bio-valve. One of the surgeons is receiving patients in the office. 4 plot. We advise you. Staging: Actress M.V. Mironova makes an order for dishes in a restaurant from a waiter, talks about her diet to the woman at the table (sinhr.). Moscow. A nurse gives an IV to a patient in a ward at the Institute of Nutrition of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. The athlete swims in one of the pools. Athletes are running cross-country on a path in the forest, skiing.
N. Gulchik, V. Rytchenkov, L. Boldyreva
Film ID
medical services for the population
, urban transport
, building
, fight a healthy lifestyle
, academy of sciences of the ussr
, improvement of settlements
, medicine
, wwii
Number of Parts
O. Krasnov, E. Chukovsky, L. Solntseva
Other Creators
Sound engineer A. Kulakov
Release Date
Has Sound

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