Health No 72

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Psychoneurologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences OA Trifonov tells (sinhr.) About the dangers of parents' alcoholism. Doctors examine children with mental and physical disabilities in a medical office. Sick children put together a children's mosaic at the table. 2 plot. May to September. Children and adults pick mushrooms and berries in the forest. An encephalitis mite is crawling along a blade of grass (close-up). Photos of people with encephalitis in the newspaper. A photograph of Academician L.A. Zilber, who described the causative agent of Far Eastern tick-borne encephalitis. 3 plot. Scoliosis. The doctor examines a boy with scoliosis, examines X-rays. Professor of Medicine Kohn and staff from the Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics at the meeting. Nurses massage the spine of a sick child in a treatment room. The doctor puts a medical corset on the girl. Children suffering from scoliosis study in a supine position in corsets, are engaged in physiotherapy exercises in the gym, in the shooting range, in the pool under the guidance of attending physicians and teachers. 4 plot. Who protects the stream. NDP in the forest, pond (landscape). Employees of the sanitary-epidemiological service take water samples in rivers and ponds. Stream in the forest. People swim in the reservoir. A man washes his car in the river. Water contaminated with oil slick. Waste flows out of the pipe into the river. Residents of one of the settlements of the Moscow region are working to clean up the channel and banks of the Macedonka River.
A. Burimsky, A. Kosachev, V. Rytchenkov
Film ID
standard of living
, fight a healthy lifestyle
, health care
, landscapes
, medicine
, a family
Number of Parts
Yu. Kuznetsov, E. Uetsky, O. Krasnov
Other Creators
N. Kuznetsov
Release Date
Has Sound

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