Health No 77

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The newsreel was filmed by order of the USSR Ministry of Health. 1st plot. MAGNETIC SURGERY, Moscow. The building of the city clinical children's hospital № 13 named after NF Filatov. Doctors in the office are examining a boy with a congenital deformity of the chest. The doctor looks at a chest x-ray. The entrance to the operating room. Above the entrance, the inscriptions light up: "Do not enter", "Operating unit". Academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor Yu.A. Isakov and Professor Stepanov give interviews in which they talk about the use of permanent magnets in the surgical correction of chest diseases in children (synchronously). Animation illustrating this method. Children after surgery in corsets with magnets in a hospital ward. Medical examination of children. The doctor removes the corset from the boy, examines his chest. 2 nd scene. NO COMPASSION, NO COMPASSION ... Photographic portraits of young women. Young women with children (photo). The bride and groom near the rural house (photo). Broken dolls (photo). Mannequins in evening dresses in a shop window. A woman with a cosmetic mask on her face sits at the dressing table in front of the mirror. A woman in the office at the reception of a narcologist. An entry in the patient's medical book: “... is currently experiencing a pronounced craving for alcohol. Needs special treatment ... ". A glass of wine (photo). 3rd plot. DO YOU HAVE HYPERTENSION? City of Moscow. People walk along the path in the park. Children play in the playground. Elderly men are sitting on a park bench. Pharmacy building. Buyers in the trading floor of the pharmacy. Pharmaceutical drugs used to treat high blood pressure. Comprehensive study of patients with hypertension: medical workers measure the patient's pressure, do an echocardiogram, examine the work of the kidneys and other organs using special equipment in the offices of the clinic. A man and a woman walk along the path in the park. 4th plot. STADIUM IN THE APARTMENT Multi-storey buildings of one of the r-districts of Moscow. Sports complex in a modern apartment room. The head of the Privanov family and his daughter are giving interviews in the room, in which they talk about the benefits of the "home stadium" (synchronously). Privalov's daughters are engaged in sports equipment. Children in the gym of the kindergarten are engaged in sports equipment.
V. Rovilin, N. Polonskaya, A. Burimsky, G. Chertov, V. Dvinsky
Film ID
population medical examination
, rural settlements
, everyday life
, villages
, preschool education
, cities
Number of Parts
V. Ivanov, V. Motychenkov, V. Kolyushev, E. Uetsky
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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