Health No 78

Film Information

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1 plot First Gradskaya. Moscow city. Leninsky prospect. The building of the 1st City Clinical Children's Hospital named after N.I. Pirogov. An ambulance car pulls up to the entrance to the emergency room. PNR on devices that duplicate the functions of the human body, monitoring the patient's condition in one of the laboratories of the hospital. The interior of the hospital. Bronze busts of academician S.I.Spaso-Kukotsky and academician A.N.Bakulev in the courtyard of the hospital. 2 plot "Measles is dangerous". Doctors in the office examining children with measles. Lab technicians are working on a measles vaccine. Nurses vaccinate children against measles in the treatment room. Schoolchildren in class in one of the schools. 3 plot. The main thing is to protect. Doctors-narcologists receive adolescents with alcoholism in the office (sync.), Examine them with the help of special devices in a narcological hospital. Drunken teenagers are fighting in the courtyard of an apartment building. 4 plot. Nutrition and self-control. A dietitian weighs a plump woman with a floor scale. Plump young man goes in for sports on a stationary bike. While eating in the canteen, people buy fermented milk products, coarse bread in the store.
N. Polonskaya, A. Burimsky, A. Kosachev, N. Gulchuk
Film ID
school education
, public catering
, state trade
, ambulance
, hospitals
, cities
, medicine
, sculpture
Number of Parts
V. Motychenkov, V. Kolyushev, E. Uetsky, M. Aleksanyan
Other Creators
Sound engineer R. Krasilnikov
Release Date
Has Sound

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