Health No 80

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The newsreel includes the following plots: 1st plot. Pain in the heart. The plot tells that in some cases the detection of angina pectoris in the early stages of the disease is possible with the help of a new device - a heart monitor. The plot included the following filming: a man drives a car along the Leningradskoe highway, a patient at a cardiologist's appointment, a patient is given a chest X-ray, a doctor examines an X-ray photograph, a cardiogram, a cardiac monitor is connected to the patient, and gives recommendations to the patient. 2 nd plot. Divorce could not have happened. The plot tells about two married couples where their husbands drink. One couple gets divorced, the other solves their problem with a narcologist. The plot includes the following filming: a man and a woman walk along Leningradsky Prospekt past the Aist cafe, newlyweds come out of the Aist Wedding Palace. A married couple at an appointment with a narcologist G.M. Entin, the narcologist talks with them (sync. And behind the scenes), talks about the negative effects of alcohol on the human body, a man and a woman leave the courthouse after a divorce. 3rd plot. If the child has allergies. The plot is about dietary recommendations for expectant mothers and for the child in the first months of his life, if there is a predisposition to allergies. The plot includes the following filming: children in a hospital ward - sitting in their beds, playing; the doctor examines the child, gives recommendations on nutrition to one of the mothers; general view of foods on the table that are not recommended for food allergy sufferers; the general view of the products that are offered for food for allergy sufferers; children play in the sandbox; a woman in the kitchen puts dairy products on the table, cooks potatoes, meat, feeds the child with porridge, gives him drink, carries the child in a stroller. Ostrov zdorovya. The plot tells about the national park of Moscow "Losiny Ostrov". The plot included the following filming: a view of one of the districts of Moscow, Yaroslavskoe highway, views of the Losiny Ostrov park: mushrooms in the grass, a squirrel gallops, an elk walks among the trees, a wild boar digs the ground, children play on the playground, women do gymnastics under the guidance of an instructor , men swim in the pond, people walk with strollers along the park alleys.
I. Кисилева
Film ID
medical services for the population
, court
, situation of children
, dispensary service
, everyday life
, physical culture and recreational work
, population
, animal world
, cities
Number of Parts
O. Zguridi
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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