Health No 89

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The newsreel includes the following plots: 1st plot. Computer tamograph. The plot tells about the use of computed tomography at the Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery, about the creation by specialists of the institute of new surgical instruments for carrying out organ-preserving operations under the supervision of a computed tomograph. The plot included the following filming: head. Department of Todua discusses with a group of doctors the history of patients' illnesses, computer tomography for one of the patients, doctors discuss X-rays, observe the operation on the display, the general view of the operating room at the time of the operation, the type of various operating instruments Prevention of myopia. The plot tells about the prevention of myopia in children. The plot uses the following filming: children are sitting in glasses, a doctor checks their eyesight with an apparatus, with the help of special glasses; children sit in the classroom, the teacher corrects the posture of one of the students, the children perform gymnastic exercises during the break, incl. and for the eyes under the guidance of a methodologist. 3rd plot. Difficult age. The plot tells about the work of medical and psychological consulting rooms at vocational schools. The plot uses the following filming: schoolchildren in a labor lesson learn to bake pies, learn to typewritten, get acquainted with the specialty of a projectionist; a group of teenagers on the street, in the classroom; a psychologist at one of the vocational schools, Krylov, is talking with adolescents in his office (per frame). Take care of your hair from childhood. The story provides medical advice on how to preserve hair. The plot includes the following filming: a girl combs her hair, braids it in a braid, a cosmetologist examines the hair of one of the girls; practical hair washing using lanolin soap, with the addition of kefir and rinsing with boiled water.
W. Berman
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, school hygiene
, school education
, population health care
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Y. Muravyov, A. Kaznin, V. Suprun, A. Dobrzhinsky
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There is no data
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