Health No 93

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The magazine includes the following film plots: The newsreel includes the following film plots: 1 plot. Diagnostic Center. Employees of the Diagnostic Center conduct examinations of patients: they carry out computed tomography, gastroscopy, ultrasound examination. General view of medical devices. The work of machines in the biochemical laboratory of the Center. Patients of the Center in the rest room. 2 plot. Acute: risk group. Type of AIDS patient with numerous ulcers on the skin. Patient with AIDS in a hospital ward. The militiamen are dragging the resting prostitute. Female prostitutes at the police station. The work of the anonymous diagnostics service: a laboratory assistant takes a blood test for AIDS. Interview with the head of the AIDS research group V.V. Pokrovsky (sync and behind the scenes). Type of blood transfusion point. Donor girl donates blood. A panorama of the employees of one of the diagnostic laboratories. 3 plot. You will get the exact answer Women are driving baby carriages down the street of one of the cities (winter shooting). Mom and baby are walking down the street. A woman is carrying a child in a stroller. Conducting an ultrasound examination in a pregnant woman. Gynecological examination of a pregnant woman Chromosomes of an embryonic cell under a microscope to determine genetic changes in the fetus in one of the gynecological clinics. A woman walks with a baby girl in a winter park. 4 plot. Self-massage. A woman is washing herself in the shower, wrapped in a towel comes to the dressing table, sits down to the mirror, smears her face with cream, and does a facial massage. The cat is on the window, "washing itself" (Close-ups). Girls do makeup: paint eyelashes, lips. Models on the catwalk showcase the models of clothes during one of the fashion shows.
Yu. Aldokhin
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medical services for the population
, textile industry
, everyday life
, cities
, medicine
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