Health No 95

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The magazine includes the following plots: 1 plot. Beautiful eyes for everyone. General view of the building of the intersectoral scientific and technical complex "Eye Microsurgery". Visitors enter the building. Head of "Eye Microsurgery" Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences S.N. Fedorov in his office talking with staff. The doctor examines a patient with hyperopia. Carrying out operations for hyperopia in stages. Transmission of operations on monitors in the operating room. Patients are resting in the lobby after surgery, drinking tea. 2 plot. Again about bronchial asthma. A group of people suffering from bronchial asthma are engaged in breathing exercises in the park. The doctor in the office deals with the patient: he puts a special breathing apparatus for him. The nurse takes samples from the patient for allergens. The patient lies in the ward, where he undergoes blood filtration. A group of patients with asthma are engaged in auto-training under the guidance of a doctor. 3 plot. Nitrates are not dangerous Type of greenhouse where early vegetables are grown: cabbage, cucumbers. A worker walks through the greenhouse, carries cabbage seedlings in a box. Harvesting early cucumbers. View of one of the laboratories where they check the amount of nitrates in vegetables. View of containers with cabbage at a vegetable store at one of the vegetable bases. Customers choose fruits and vegetables in one of the stores. A young woman in the kitchen prepares vegetables. 4 plot. Find yourself. Young men and women in the halls of the Youth Orientation Center for medical professions, get acquainted with the work of medical institutions, answer testing questions.
L. Boldyreva, A. Tsineman, N. Gulchuk, N. Polonskaya
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health care
, professional education
, medicine
, trade
, plant growing
Number of Parts
E. Chukovsky, V. Suprun, A. Dobrzhinsky, V. Motychenkov
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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