Health No 97

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1 plot. If your heart stops. Moscow. An ambulance car drives up to the building of the Biryusa cafe. Doctors provide first aid to an elderly man lying on a bench in, people are standing around. The doctor shows and explains with an example how to properly provide first aid for a heart attack: he does artificial respiration and heart massage to a man lying on the floor in an office. People are walking along a city street. 2 plot. With ultrasound. Moscow. Department of Thoracic Surgery at Children's Hospital No. 9. The doctor examines X-rays of the lungs of a person diagnosed with pneumonia. Fragments of an operation to remove a child's lung. MLTP Scheme of an operation on human lungs using ultrasound. NDP on X-rays of the lungs of the child. Small children after undergoing operations are lying on beds in a hospital ward. Paramedics play with children in the children's room of the hospital. 3 plot. From excess in food and alcohol .... Caricatures on alcohol and overeating. Photos depicting people with gout. The doctor examines a sick man in the ward, conducts various physiotherapy procedures to relieve inflammation in gout. Patients are engaged in physiotherapy exercises, massage on simulators. A man runs along a forest alley. Fruit still life against the background of maple leaves. 4 plot. Beware of mushrooms! Moscow. One of the vegetable markets. People buy various vegetables. Mushroom counters. A woman and a girl are picking mushrooms in a birch grove, sorting them. Pictures depicting various types of mushrooms. A herd of cows grazes in a meadow, wooden houses in the distance (landscape). A woman and a girl are walking with a basket of mushrooms along the edge of the forest.
N. Gulchuk, A. Torgalo, E. Taravkova, Yu. Aldokhin, N. Polonskaya
Film ID
urban transport
, private trade
, fight a healthy lifestyle
, hospitals
, landscapes
, ambulance
, medicine
Number of Parts
V. Sveshnikov, Yu. Kuznetsova, S. Rakhomyagi, V. Motychenkov
Other Creators
Sound engineer N. Kuznetsov
Release Date
Has Sound

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