Healthcare in the USSR

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Minister of Health of the USSR S. P. Burenkov in his office, talking about health care in the USSR. Medical students, including foreign ones, listen to lectures in classrooms, study in laboratories, in the reading room, and pronounce the Hippocratic Oath. Maternity hospital: doctors take delivery, examine newborns. Medical care for children: in kindergarten, at school, children at the seaside. Estonian SSR - a boat at sea, helping a sick fisherman in the cabin of the boat, in an ambulance, in the hospital in the village of the Kirov collective farm. Latvian SSR - view of Riga, streets, church, work of the Republican Clinical Hospital. Uzbek SSR - the streets of Samarkand, the work of a district clinic, a sanitary epidemiological station, a type of pasture of angora goats, a shepherd undergoes a medical and preventive examination in a special car. Moldavian SSR - the work of the Republican Clinical Hospital in Chisinau. The work of specialist doctors: cardiologists, dentists, gynecologists, orthopedists, surgeons, ophthalmologists, oncologists, resuscitators, as well as the ambulance service. Sports activities of the population: a mass race of skiers, young people at the skating rink in the Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure in Moscow. AZLK named after Likhachev: assembly shop work, workers doing exercises, medical unit. View of Sochi, boarding house "Actor", other boarding houses and sanatoriums, recreation and treatment of the population, sunset at sea. Research work in medicine: the building and interior view of the Research Institute of Experimental Orthopedics in Kurgan - Professor GA Ilizarov shows the apparatus he invented, perform an operation; external and internal views of the All-Union Cardiological Center in Moscow, the work of doctors; view of the building of the oncological center of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences in Moscow, doctors at work.
L. Borisova
Film ID
higher professional education
, school education
, automobile transport
, relaxation
, rural settlements
, livestock
, fight a healthy lifestyle
, sea transport
, health care
, spa assistance
, automotive industry
, preschool education
, landscapes
, cities
, medicine
Number of Parts
V. Filippov, V. Tkachenko
Other Creators
Screenplay by E. Gumanov
Release Date
Has Sound

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