Height 1013

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A film about the everyday life of the Kiya-Shaltyrsky nepheline mine under the leadership of the director Mikhail Pavlovich Shorokhov. Kemerovo region. A loaded train is passing along the rails. Drilling and blasting, construction work at the Kiya-Shaltyrsky nepheline mine, called "Height 1013", which is headed by Mikhail Pavlovich Shorokhov. M.P. Shorokhov in his office talking with a subordinate (sync., Offscreen); holds a production meeting with the workers of the ore-processing plant in the fresh air about the responsibility of each for the overall result (sync., offscreen); at a construction site with workers. Installation work at height. Extraction of nepheline ore, which is the raw material base of the Krasnoyarsk aluminum complex. Night work. The excavator is working. BELAZ vehicles transport cargo. Director M.P. Shorokhov with a driver in a UAZ car. Working meeting of the director M.P. Shorokhov, chief engineer M.M. Chikhachev, chief mechanic K.M. Cherniltsev on the issue of raising a balloon with a powerful light source over the quarry. Kemerovo region, settlement Belogorsk. Tent camp for students of the Moscow Higher Technical School. Bauman. The student curator looks at the drawing projects. Young people paint the walls in the new building of the village kindergarten. The teacher walks with the children. View of the village founded in 1962. Construction of new residential buildings for mine workers.
М. Sherman
Film ID
, rural settlements
, beautification
, working meetings
, housing construction
, construction teams
, higher education
, mining ore
, production meetings
, construction machinery
, railway transport
, freight transport
Number of Parts
A. Khomyakov
Other Creators
scriptwriter M. Sherman, sound engineer M. Kiselev, editor Y. Yaropolov
Release Date
Has Sound

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