Herbert Wells Mistake

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A film about the stay of the English writer H. Wells in Soviet Russia in 1920, 1934. The film is based on newsreels and photographs. Petrograd 1920 Monuments to Peter I. Soldiers and sailors are passing by. Queue to the store. Smolny. Cruiser Aurora". Consequences of the Civil War and Intervention. Hunger. Devastation. London. Streets. H. Wells's books. World War I. The train is ridden by British soldiers, war invalids. Sanitary cars. Demonstrations of British workers in defense of Russia. Stay H. Wells in Petrograd. Elimination of the consequences of the Civil War. The people at the restoration of factories, plants, transport. Eradication of illiteracy. Pupils, shod in bast shoes, in the classroom. Old Moscow. Red Square. Kremlin chimes. 1920 V. I. Lenin's office in the Kremlin. Photo. V. I. Lenin talks with H. Wells. H. Wells's book "Russia in the Dark" with notes by V. I. Lenin. Electrification of the USSR. Power plant in the village of Kashino. A woman in a hut puts out a kerosene lamp. The illuminated village of Kashino. Photo. Lenin with the peasants of the village of Kashino. Construction of the Volkhovskaya power plant. Rolling mill. Saturday clean-up. Moscow city. 1934 Meeting of H. Wells. Streets. Radio tower. H. Wells with Academician I. Pavlov. Sports parade on Red Square.
T. Lavrova
Film ID
international workers solidarity
, 1st world war
, energy
, literature
, socialist forms of labor
, broadcasting
, economic policy
, education
, civil war in russia
Number of Parts
R. Tumorina, A. Lomakin
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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