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1h - N. A. Fenomenov (metro builder) with his family, communicating with his grandchildren; with a friend Vereinov, visiting the Ploschad Revolyutsii metro station. Construction of a metro line on Khoroshevskoe highway. NA Fenomenov and others at the construction site of the Oktyabrskoe Pole station (neg. 331, 7; pos. 197, 6). 2h - MP Georgadze read out the Decree on conferring the title of Hero of Socialist Labor. Rewarding N.A.Fenomenov (pos. 42, 4; neg. 60, 5). 3h - V. A. Smirnov with his family; tells the workers of the newspaper "Izvestia" about the system of training young people at the plant; with his crew at the shipyard. Ship under construction. At work: V. A. Smirnov, welders, assemblers. Launching an ore carrier ship (neg. 294, 7; pos. 184, 9). 4h 1syuzh. - The chairman of the collective farm "Zarya" in the Vologda region in his office talking with a collective farmer; conducts a meeting, looks at notes at home, writes. Articles and book by D. Kuzovlev "Land and People". 2syuzh. - Assembly of control tractors "T-150" in the experimental workshop of the Kharkov Tractor Plant; running them in at the factory test site. (neg. 269, item 189, 8). 5h - Chief Designer of GSKB Kh. I. Izakson talks with designers; in the shop - examines the layout of the new cabin of the Niva combine. Harvester "Kolos" is working on sunflower harvesting. (neg. 143, 9; pos. 103, 7). 6h - OA Reutov at work in the chemical laboratory of Moscow State University. His books and articles (neg. 287, pos. 188). 7h -Academician OA Reutov and Nesmeyanov discuss the topic of Nesmeyanov's scientific report (neg., Pos. 100). 8h - OA Reutov gives an interview in his office for the film "Tales of Communists" (266). 9h - M. A. Ulyanov gives an interview for the film in the pavilion of the Central House of Photography (235).
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Film ID
urban transport
, building
, mechanical engineering
, chemistry
, theaters
1517, 2
Number of Parts
G. Golubov, L. Goncharov
Other Creators
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