Hero of the Soviet Union Pilot Alekseev

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Fighter pilot Konstantin Stepanovich Alekseev fought at the front from the first days of the war as part of the Black Sea Fleet Air Force, participated in the heroic defense of Sevastopol. In 1942 he was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. In total, during the war, K.S. Alekseev made more than 500 sorties, incl. 60 - for reconnaissance and 50 - for attack. He conducted 110 air sorties, in which he personally destroyed 19 enemy aircraft. Hero of the Soviet Union, Commander of the 25th Fighter Aviation Regiment of the Black Sea Fleet Air Force Konstantin Stepanovich Alekseev comes out of the water to the seashore. General view of the pilot's clothing lying on the shore; among her is a jacket with orders such as the Order of Lenin, the Gold Star medal, and three orders of the Red Banner of the Battle. KS Alekseev gets dressed, goes along the path to the airfield. A group of pilots from the Alekseev regiment meet him, one of the pilots reports to the commander, Alekseev, having accepted the report, sits down with the pilots, talks with them. Pilots incl. and K.A. Alekseev go to their planes, which are on the airfield - these are LAGG-3 fighters. KS Alekseev, accompanied by his technician, approaches the LAGG-3 aircraft, sits in the cockpit of the fighter, the aircraft moves along the airfield. Airplane in the sky. A group of pilots runs up to Alekseev's plane with a rotating propeller. KS Alekseev gets out of the cockpit, after landing, accepts congratulations from his fellow pilots. KS Alekseev talks about air combat. The pilots help Alekseev to remove the parachute and other equipment of the pilot.
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the great patriotic war
, leisure
, aviation
106,8 (общ. 314,8)
M. Livshits
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