Heroes and Deeds

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The film was edited from archival film documents. The soldier takes the military oath (synchronously). Decree on the creation of the Red Army. The first detachments of the Red Army. Personnel from the Patriotic War of 1941-1945: Katyusha firing, Soviet soldiers storming the Reichstag building; Victory parade on Red Square, among the parade participants - three times Hero of the Soviet Union AI Pokryshkin; Major ND Chernyakhovsky at the command post; tank attack on the battlefield; armored train on the way; nurses carry out the wounded from the battlefield. Meetings of Soviet soldiers with former participants in the battles in the Brest Fortress, with a full holder of the Order of Glory, nurse MS Nozdracheva. War veteran, former midshipman of the Zheleznyakov armored train N. I. Aleksandrov is working on the book "Sevastopol armored train" at home. Captain I rank L. P. Golovin talks with young sailors. Meeting of war veterans in Sevastopol. Meeting of graduates of military academies in the Kremlin; Marshal of the Soviet Union A.A. Grechko speaks (1970). Soldier classes in specialized classes. Aircraft in the air. View of Volgograd from the plane. Children play in the playground. Soviet soldiers dismantle the rubble after the earthquake in Skopje (Yugoslavia); houses where soldiers live; giving gifts to soldiers. Soviet soldiers work at construction sites in Tashkent after the earthquake. A group of sailors on the street of Sevastopol. The boat's crew, consisting of Petty Officer Gonchar, Captain Zagorodny and Warrant Officer Brukhlin, neutralizes a sea mine. Marshal A. A. Grechko presents government awards to officers and soldiers. Combat exercises for drivers of armored personnel carriers, submariners, pilots. Training battle from the ship. Parachute landing in the sky over the sea. Local residents greet soldiers after military exercises; throw flowers. Border guards go to the post in the forest.
V. Shorokhov
Film ID
, the second world war
, air force
, international connections
, natural disasters
, protection of state borders
, navy
, armed forces
, ground troops
, awards
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
script A. Madorsky
Release Date
No Sound

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