High Latitude

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The city of Norilsk. Concert at the Norilsk Palace of Culture. The audience in the hall, after the concert, dress in winter clothes in the wardrobe. Blizzard. People walk down the street, stand at the bus stop. City area. Cinema named after Lenin. The sales area of the store. Sellers serve buyers. One of the apartments in the city. Life of one of the families. Readers in the reading room of the library. Swimming pool diving competition. The sanatorium of the metallurgical plant. Vacationers play chess and billiards. Sunset in the tundra. Illuminated buildings and windows of the city. Snow removal with snow removal equipment. Snow protection fences of the city. Icicles. Norilsk in the summer. Fountains in the square. Lenin monument. Streets and avenue. Transport and pedestrian traffic. Production processes at the Norilsk Metallurgical Combine. N. N. Urvantsev looks at the territory of the plant from the hill. The plant was awarded the Order of Lenin. Reindeer team movement. The village of reindeer herders on the Taimyr Peninsula. Plague. Geological expedition in the mountains. Surveyors make a survey of the area. All-terrain vehicle movement. Talnakh deposit. Factory construction. Dudinka seaport. Ships at sea, at the berths. Loading and unloading operations in the port.
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urban transport
, standard of living
, rural settlements
, metallurgy
, nature
, geology
, beautification
, club type institutions
, sea transport
, state trade
, spa assistance
, stage
, cartage
, cities
, a family
, home life
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