High-Speed Passenger Boats and Ships

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The film tells about the boats and hovercraft of the Gepard, Bars, Puma and Luch types, as well as the Polesie-type hydrofoil designed for operation on shallow rivers. Various situations are shown in which it is advisable to use such vessels, and their characteristics are given. The film includes the following filming: 1 part. The hovercraft moves along the river. A hovercraft of the "Gepard" type passes along the water area of the river port. Movement of the ship "Gepard" along the lake, along the sandy shore, along the river bound with ice. Boarding passengers on the ship "Gepard". The vessel "Bars" - an amphibious hovercraft moves along the river, swims to the shore, passengers go ashore. Loading mail on the boat "Bars". Passenger ship "Puma" on an air cushion moves along the river. 2 part. Children run along the path to the river. The Puma ship is moored from the pier and sails along the river. The Puma ship moves along a snow-covered road and an ice-bound river. Passengers sit in the ship's saloon, go ashore. The motor ship "Luch", partially using the principle of an air cushion, moves along the river. General view of the Nagatinsky shipbuilding and ship repair plant. Assembly of ships "Luch" at the plant. Panorama of the ship's cabin and the captain sitting in the wheelhouse. Passengers go ashore. Passenger motor ships "Raketa" and "Meteor" are moving along the river. General view of the motor ship "Polesie" - the world's first hydrofoil motor ship for shallow rivers. Motor ship motorist in the engine room. The musicians walk along the city street, enter the saloon of the ship, play their instruments. General view of motor ships rushing along the river.
L. Fishel
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river and lake transport
, shipbuilding industry
, everyday life
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