His Name Was Fedor

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Newsreel: soldiers, tanks are attacking, huts are on fire. Partisan actions. The bridge explodes. The train is going downhill. Types of gravestones for the dead unknown Soviet soldiers in Europe. Italy. City of Genoa. City views. Church of the Stoljena cemetery. Blackboard with the inscription. The man is laying flowers. The woman is cleaning the grave. Meeting of former Italian partisans on the anniversary of the battle in which Fyodor Poletaev died heroically. D. Lasagna - a former partisan talks about this battle, recalls F. Poletaeva. Newsreel. A tank is walking along the streets of a German city. The house is on fire. Captured Germans are being taken out of the ruins. A jubilant people. Military band. Landscapes of Italy. Russian landscapes. THE USSR. Ryazan Oblast. The village of Katino. House of the Poletaevs. F.A. Poletaev's wife and children. Marshal V. I. Chuikov presents the hero's family with a diploma of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on awarding F. A. Poletaev the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. Italian Ambassador KA Straneo handing over the highest award of Italy - the Gold Medal "For Military Valor" to his relatives. Italy. City of Genoa. The Poletaev family and accompanying persons go to the city cemetery to the grave of F. Poletaev. Guard of honor. The mayor of the city puts flowers on the grave. Street named after Fedor. Poletaev's wife and children on the street among the Italians. The Poletaev family among workers at the Ansalf shipyards. View of the Fyodor Poletaev ship under construction. THE USSR. Types of birches. Little Fyodor Poletaev, the hero's grandson, lies in the cradle.
V. Lisakovich
Film ID
military communications
, the second world war
, irregular troops
, nature
, rural settlements
, funeral
, local government authorities
, private buildings
, christianity
, shipbuilding industry
, diplomatic relations
, honorary titles
, ground troops
, awards
Number of Parts
I. Panov, A. Levitan
Other Creators
Music by E. Denisov, script by S. Smirnov, I. Panov, sound by I. Voskresenskaya
Release Date
Has Sound

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