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The plot of the film is dedicated to the exposure of war criminals - accomplices of the German occupiers, operating in the territory of Latvia during the Great Patriotic War. In particular, the film is about one of the leaders of the Latvian SS battalion Karl Loba, about the participation of the Latvian SS battalion in punitive operations against civilians. The film uses the following filming: 1 part. Latvian newspapers, foreign newspapers in Latvian with articles about the war criminal K. Lobe. One of the authors of the film in the office, where archival documents are on the table, talks (syncronized in Latvian) about the participation of Latvian riflemen in the Civil War, in the establishment of Soviet power, that many of them were repressed in the 30s years; the film uses photographs of participants in the signing of the Brest-Litovsk Peace Treaty, among whom were politicians of Latvian nationality; interviews with A. Slepins, J. Zarins, E. Epstein, who tell (sinhr. in Latvian) about the activities of the Latvian SS battalion on the territory of Latvia, about punitive operations against the Jewish population and communists, about participation in K. Lobe's punitive operations ... Newsreel footage: a column of Nazi soldiers is passing by, German soldiers in the streets of Riga, a fascist flag on a flagpole; execution of Hitler's accomplices after the liberation of Latvia from the German occupation by Soviet troops: trucks with criminals are moving, a cordon of Soviet soldiers escorted trucks to the place of execution, the moment of execution of war criminals. 2 part. One of the authors of the film tells (sync. in Latvian) about activities on the territory of occupied Latvia of the Latvian SS battalion, demonstrates documents; incl. and documents in which the surname of K. Lobe is mentioned - an active participant in punitive operations to exterminate the Jewish population of Latvia; general view of one of the newspapers in which an article about K. Loba was published; A. Slepinsh, E. Epstein, J. Zariš share their memories of the time of the German occupation of Latvia, the activities of the Latvian SS battalion (sinhr. In Latvian); General view of photographs of members of the Latvian SSR battalion; among them K. Lobe; type of archival documents of the period of the Great Patriotic War: military maps, drawings of the battle plan; General view of photographs showing the consequences of German punitive operations: the Nazis against the background of burning houses, burning houses in one of the settlements of Latvia; view of the cemetery where the soldiers of the Latvian SS battalion are buried; newsreel footage: Latvians at the medical commission, where they are recruiting for the Latvian SS battalion; general view of one of the districts of Riga, a crowd of people walking along the railway tracks, a train with fuel tanks stands on the tracks; a group of men in civilian clothes come out of the doors of the office, at which they are greeted by the German military; a German officer who visited one of the military hospitals, at the bed of a wounded soldier of the Latvian SS battalion, who greets the officer "Heil Hitler!", a German cross on the wounded man's chest; a panorama of the place of mass massacre of civilians, over the corpses of people, Soviet soldiers carry the corpses of the dead on a stretcher.
I. Mass
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the great patriotic war
, the second world war
, latvia
, cities
, germany
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