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A film about the collection of works of art of the ХУ-ХУ111 centuries, owned by E. Bilyutin and N. Moleva. Bilyutin and Moleva talk about the collection, the history of its creation, individual exhibits (synchronously and behind the scenes). Part 1. The Jordan Staircase of the Hermitage. Enfilade of halls. Raphael Gallery. Moscow. Evening reception in the living room of N. Moleva and E. Bilyutin's apartment. Artist V. Vikhrov reads poems by E. Bilyutin (synchronously). N. Moleva works with the collection card index. The main staircase and halls of the museum. Bakhrushin. Exposition dedicated to G.N. Fedotova. Part 2. Moscow. Building, interior of the Bolshoi Theater hall, chandelier, curtain, stage. Installation of scenery for the ballet "La Bayadere". A scene from the ballet. Actor F. Sukhov reads pages from the diary of I. Grinev - one of the creators of the collection (synchronously). Red Square. The balloon takes off. Views of Moscow from a balloon. Church of the Intercession of the Virgin in Fili. Buildings of the Historical and Polytechnic Museums. Saint Petersburg. The front entrance of the Hermitage, sculptures of the Atlanteans. Lions on the bridge over the Griboyedov Canal. Houses on the Moika embankment. Menshikov Palace. Part 3. St. Petersburg. Church of the Resurrection of Christ ("Savior on the Blood"). Houses on the Moika embankment. Italy. G. Venice. Boats and gondolas on the canal. G. Milan. Cathedral. Moscow. Pictures of Dutch and Italian artists from the collection of Moleva - Bilyutin. Part 4. Hermitage. Stairs. Halls of Raphael, Rubens. The interiors of Moleva-Bilyutin's apartment in Moscow. Collection exposition. Paintings by Rembrandt, Murillo, Tintoretto (Return of the Prodigal Son), Titian, El Greco, Leonardo da Vinci (Madonna and Child, finished by Bernardino del Conti) and other artists from the Moleva-Bilyutin collection. F. Sukhov reads a letter to N. Grineva to his wife (synchronously). Panorama of the attic of one of the houses. Pigeons on the attic window. Part 5. N. Moleva in the interiors of his apartment. Photos of members of the Moleva family - collectors and curators of the collection. Sculpture by Michelangelo "Satyr", mascaron of a lion. House of E. Bilyutin in Abramtsevo. Bilyutin tells the story of his family (synchronously). Bilyutin with artists in his studio in Abramtsevo. F. Sukhov reads poetry E. Bilyutin in the living room in N. Moleva's apartment (synchronously). Part 6. N. Moleva talking on the phone (synchronously). Van Dyck's painting "Portrait of Susanna" and other paintings in the collection. The interiors of the apartment. E. Bilyutin winds up an old watch.
A. Mironov
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, standard of living
, telephone communications
, architecture
, private buildings
, christianity
, everyday life
, museums
, theatre
, collecting
, cities
, painting
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O. Chupin
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