History of One Uniform

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A film about the Bulgarian revolutionary S.N. Vankov and his meeting with V.I. Lenin. Exhibits of the State Historical Museum of the USSR, newsreel of the State Film Fund of the USSR, revealing the life and work of S.N. Vankov, a participant in the liberation movement in Bulgaria, an officer of the Russian army, organizer of the production of ammunition at Russian factories during World War I, adviser to the Soviet government on non-ferrous metallurgy ... Photos of S. N. Vankov, student of the St. Petersburg Military School and the Artillery Academy, head of the Khabarovsk artillery workshop, author of projects for the construction of various objects in the city of Khabarovsk. Photo of V. K. Arseniev with a dedication to S. N. Vankov. Newsreel: the old town of Khabarovsk, an artillery workshop; 1st World War. Newsreel: General SN Vankov and French Minister of War Thoma visiting the shops of the plant for the production of shells. Newsreel: production processes at the Krasny Vyborzhets plant. Photo: S. N. Vankov with the head of the electrolytic plant Ya. F. Shabaev. photo: V. I. Lenin, S. N. Vankov and others at the test of the electric plow. About S. N. Vankov tell (synchronously) Professor K. p. Staev (Bulgaria), M. D. Vankova (wife of S. N. Vankov), Ya. F. Shabaev.
L. Christie
Film ID
1st world war
, metallurgy
, cultural tiesmilitary ties
, bulgaria
, higher education
, defense industry
, utilities
Number of Parts
M. Averbukh
Other Creators
Sound Yu Zorin
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Has Sound

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