Holiday of Soviet Military Sailors

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The film is dedicated to the celebration of the Day of the Navy of the USSR. Moscow city. Column Hall of the House of Unions. Solemn meeting. S. G. Gorshkov speaking. On the podium R. Ya. Malinovsky. Pacific Fleet. Marine parade in Vladivostok. The parade takes the commander of the fleet, Admiral N. N. Amelko. Baltic Fleet. Marine parade, sea holiday on the Neva River in Leningrad. The parade is hosted by the fleet commander, Admiral Baikov. Northern Fleet. The city of Severomorsk. Sailors on the streets of the city. Monument to the Heroes of the North Sea, who died in battles in the Patriotic War of 1941-1945. Marine parade. The parade takes the fleet commander, Vice Admiral S. M. Lobov. Black Sea Fleet. Marine parade, sea holiday in Sevastopol. The parade is hosted by the fleet commander, Admiral Chursin. Moscow city. Sea festival on the Moscow Canal. Speakers are members of the Voluntary Society for Assistance to the Army, Aviation, Navy, athletes. Friendship visit of the ships of the Baltic Fleet to Sweden, Stockholm. Solemn welcome at the port. Soviet sailors talk with residents of the city. Friendship visit of the Black Sea Fleet ships to Yugoslavia. Solemn welcome in one of the ports.
Ya. Babushkin
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military communications
, navy
, general issues
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Ya.Blyumberg, Yu.Buslaev, I. Zaorozhsky, S. Kogan, A. Krylov, O. Lebedev, O. Luchinin, L. Mikhailov, I. Sokolnikov, K. Stankevich, V. Usanov, E. Fedyakov, I. Filatov
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