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Volkhov Front, 8th Army, June, 1943. A festive day in the 937th regiment of the 256th rifle division on the occasion of the presentation of the Red Banner of the Guards to the regiment. The soldiers of the regiment are cleaning their weapons - machine guns. Sergeant - the squad leader checks the quality of the weapon. Front-line friends - fellow soldiers Dunaev, Nartov and Chistov are sitting in a clearing, sewing collars to gymnasts, laughing, talking. A sentry with a submachine gun walks in the background. View of the dugout, above the entrance to it hangs a sign with the inscription "2 platoon". Platoon soldiers leave the dugout, clean their boots. General view of the regiment's units lined up on the field. A military brass band is playing. The commander of the 256th rifle division, Major General Fyodor Kuzmich Fetisov, presents the Guards banner to the commander of the 937th regiment, Major Grigory Danilovich Kornilov. G. D. Kornilov kneels before the banner, F.K. Fetisov salutes. The soldiers are in the ranks. The commander of one of the regiment's squads is pouring vodka from a flask into mugs on the table. The fighters are sitting at the table, clinking glasses, drinking, eating from kettles. A Red Army soldier from the unit of Senior Lieutenant Leonid Alekseevich Poplevin, the chief of communications of the 937th regiment, carries the wall newspaper "Svyazist", the release of which was timed to the awarding of the regiment with the Guards Red Banner, hangs it on the wall of the dugout. Soldiers are reading a wall newspaper. The Red Army men are sitting in a clearing, listening to one of the soldiers reading a newspaper. The soldiers of the regiment are sitting in a clearing and watching the performance: one of the soldiers - the participants in the performance depicts a Fritz on a makeshift stage with a crutch in one hand and a cross in the other. The fighters laugh and applaud.
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the great patriotic war
, everyday life
91,8 (общ. 202,4)
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A. Lebedev
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