Holidays of the Revolution

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The choir sings "The Marseillaise" (synchronously). Chronicle. Theatrical performance in the square. Dismantling of the monument to the king. Opening of the monument to Nikolai Bauman. Agitvagon. Agit steamer. Agittram. Writers, artists, actors at the opening of the monument. Among them are Petrov-Vodkin, Kustodiev, Altman, Dobuzhinsky. Homeless children being examined by a doctor, having lunch on the street. Column of children on the streets of Moscow, in the back of a car. Celebration of children. Girls dance. People at the bookstore. Educational program. Women are sitting. The cannon shoots out leaflets. Swimming in the ice-hole in winter. Sport competitions. Demonstration of children against the drunkenness of their fathers. Carnival. Demonstration of "living relics". Old people are watching. A woman is speaking. Solar eclipse. Chess tournament in the square. The Red Army man climbs into the basket of the balloon. Aerostat over the square. Loading the plane with grain. Sowing a field from the air. New plow in the field. Snowmobile on the street of the city. Galoshes for horses. A new bus on the streets of Moscow. Demonstration of a new bike. Run Moscow-Ashgabat. Cyclists on the track. Donkeys with a load climb Elbrus. Establishing telephone communications in the mountains. Model of a steam locomotive at the demonstration. Tractor on the street of the city, plowing in the field. Young people of the 20s at a construction site. Photographer.
I. Grigoriev
Film ID
urban transport
, education
, telephone communications
, sports
, the photo
, agitation and propaganda
, monuments
, medical service
, atheism
, air transport
Number of Parts
V. Tarusov
Other Creators
Screenplay I. Grigoriev, Z. Gerdt
Release Date
Has Sound

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