Honored Doctor Shepetov

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A one-storey wooden house with a sign "1 Children's Clinic" on it. Panorama of the windows of the house, the plot in front of it. Three men are talking in the background of the house. View of one of the city streets, a regular bus is passing along the street, passers-by are walking, among them is the doctor Shepetov. The doctor stands at the monument to the heroes who died during the Great Patriotic War. An excavator is working on the roadway. A doctor walks along a city street with two men. The inscription on the building "Yakutsk Research Institute of Tuberculosis". Doctor Shepetov goes to the institute, talks with colleagues; doctors are examining images of a person's lungs. X-ray room: doctors at the apparatus; a stand showing the dynamics of population coverage by fluorography offices. Images of human lungs are being dried. Doctor Shepetov's desk: there are books on the problems of tuberculosis on the table, the doctor is making notes. MF Shepetov enters the office of a colleague. Cover of the thesis for the degree of candidate of medical sciences MF Shepetov "Methodology and organization of the fight against tuberculosis in the rural area of the Yakut ASSR". Patients at the doctor's appointment. MF Shepetov makes a report to colleagues. MF Shepetov's speech with a lecture to young doctors.
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medical services for the population
, urban transport
, cities
, improvement of settlements
, sculpture
, medical sciences
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