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Kinoalmanakh consists of 3 plots. The almanac is conducted by journalist Y. Vizbor (synchronously). First part. 1st plot. WHERE THE OLYMPIAD COMES FROM .. An athlete runs with a torch of the Olympic flame along the highway, accompanied by motorcyclists and cars. Moscow. Gorky Street, Manezhnaya Square, the building of the Lenin State Library, Kremlin embankment, Bolshoi Moskvoretsky bridge, embankment (motion picture). Crimea, the ancient city of Chersonesos on the outskirts of Sevastopol. Ruins of ancient buildings with columns on the seashore. American athlete R. Bimon at the time of the long jump with a result of 8 m 90 cm. The Soviet weightlifter raises the barbell during the competition. The athlete runs along the seashore. Footprints in the sand An ancient Greek vase depicting runners, horse riders, wrestlers and other athletes. Hall of Antique Sculpture at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. Sculptures of a discus thrower, a fist fighter, a charioteer and others. Second part: Photo portrait of the founder of the modern Olympic movement Pierre de Coubertin. Pierre de Coubertin on a bicycle (photo). Group photo of members of the International Olympic Committee (1894); among those present, the first president of the IOC, representative of Greece D. Vikelas and secretary Pierre de Coubertin. Newsreel footage (up to 1917). A group of girls in the square are doing physical exercises. Wrestlers wrestle surrounded by spectators. Men play tennis. The athlete is jumping from a pole. View of the Olympic medal (photo). View of the city of Athens, where the 1st Olympic Games took place (photo). Stadium view; spectators on the podium (photo, 1896). Runners at the start (photo). Animation: a picture of the five continents of the Earth appears on the screen, then the continents disappear and five intertwined rings appear - the emblem of the Olympic Games, then the motto of the Olympic Games appears on the picture - "Faster, higher, stronger" in Greek. An athlete passes the torch with the Olympic flame to another athlete. Poster of the IV Olympic Games in 1908 in London. Olympic champion in figure skating Panin-Kolomenkin on ice (photo) Poster of the XV Olympic Games in 1952 in Finland. Finnish athlete, Olympic champion (1920, 1924, 1928) P. Nurmi runs with the torch of the Olympic flame through the stadium on the opening day of the XV Olympics. The Soviet delegation passes through the stadium. Spectators on the podium. Soviet athletes on the podium. Fragment of a basketball match. Athletes at a distance during a rowing competition. Gymnasts' performances. Emblem of the XXII Olympic Games in Moscow. Olympic bear cub. Olympic facilities in Moscow: a water stadium, reconstruction and construction of the roof of the Sports Palace of the Luzhniki sports complex, construction of the Grand Sports Arena. Banner on the building of the Palace of Sports with the inscription: "All-Union Komsomol construction". Pigeon chicks, which will take part in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Moscow on July 19, 1980. Ring on the chick's paw. Doves fly out of the dovecote. Newsreel footage. The gymnast is jumping from a balance beam. The weightlifter lifts the barbell. A rider on horseback at a distance with obstacles. Swimmer at a distance. Cyclists on the track. The gymnast performs exercises on the rings. Doves in flight. Staging. Girls in white tunics light the Olympic flame from the rays of the sun in Chersonesos. 2nd plot. AMAZING FIND .. Stuffed animals in the halls of the Zoological Museum of the USSR Academy of Sciences in Leningrad. A stuffed animal of a "fully preserved" adult mammoth. Cemetery of mammoths on the bank of the Borelekh river. Bones, skeletons of mammoths. A man washes the remains of animals with water from a hose. Third part: Mammoth cemetery on the river bank (photo). A group of Magadan prospectors near the mammoth they discovered (photo, 1977). Mammoth at the excavation site (photo). A group of scientists near a mammoth in the laboratory (photo). Mammoth in an ice bath (photo). Employees of the Zoological Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in the laboratory embalm a mammoth. 3rd plot. RAPANA OR WHAT HAPPENED IN THE BLACK SEA. View of the Black Sea. Underwater filming: sea plants, fish, stingray, oyster colony, fishing boat at sea. The net will rise to the ship from the sea. Empty oyster flaps on deck. Rapana crawls out of the shell (rapid). Rapana moves around the aquarium. The sole of the rapana leg. Rapana and oyster in the aquarium. The oyster closes the flaps. The rapana leg envelops the oyster flaps and opens the flaps with the efforts of the muscles. Rapana releases a poisonous mixture that paralyzes the oyster. Rapana crawls away from the empty shell of the oyster. The fourth part: The scuba diver dives into the sea. Scuba divers swim underwater. Scuba divers collect rapans at the bottom of the sea. Rapana by the sea. Rapana lays cocoons. Rapana cocoons on a stone. Eggs in cocoons. From the matured cocoons, the larvae swim into the sea. Rapan larvae (photography through a microscope). The ship is in the port. Sheathing of the underwater part. Schematic map of the appearance and distribution of rapans in the Black Sea. Vacationers on the beach. Vacationers buy souvenirs with rapa beans. The titles of scientific articles on the impact of rapana on the fauna of the Black Sea in journals. Underwater filming: plants, stones, gorge. Empty shells of rapana at the bottom of the sea. The crab moves along the bottom. The hermit crab flips the rapana. Cancer in the shell of the rapana. Construction of an oyster reservoir on the seashore.
K. Rovnin, T. Plotnikova, N. Nikitin
Film ID
specialized trade
, france
, automobile transport
, relaxation
, architecture
, horseback riding
, akademiinauksssr
, vegetable world
, libraries
, athletic facilities
, olympic games
, figure skating
, basketball
, sports
, fight
, museums
, animal world
, weightlifting
, protection of nature and the environment
, dam
, athletics
, sea transport
, everyday life
, gymnastics
, usa
, cycling
, cities
, sculpture
Number of Parts
R. Voronov, A. Klimentiev, V. Novgorodtsev
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