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Kinoalmanakh consists of three plots. The leading almanac is journalist Y. Vizbor. Part 1 Plot 1. PHYSICS LOOKS INTO THE FUTURE. Researchers in the laboratories of the Physical Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences at work on laser installations. Artist V. Mochalov in the laboratory paints portraits of scientists. Demonstration of experiments on laser installations: a balloon with the inscription "FIAN" rises up, the engine is set in motion, sparks appear on the asbestos sheet under the influence of the laser beam. Researchers are discussing the possibilities of using and applying the laser (sync.). Part 2 Plot 1 (continued). Researcher talks about launching particles or large bodies into space using a laser (sync.). Demonstration of the experiment, during which objects take off from the surface of the water under the influence of a laser. The artist presents portraits to physicists. Plot 2. HOLKA. Novosibirsk Academgorodok. A marten farm belonging to the Institute of Animal Systematics and Ecology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Dmitry Vladimirovich and Yulia Grigorievna Ternovskiy, studying the family of marten-like predators, pass near the cages. Ferret in a cage. Yulia Grigorievna with a wolverine named Gulka, who has been living on the farm for three years. The cameraman sets up a tripod for the camera. Gulka jumps on the operator, pulls the jacket through the snow, climbs the tripod, carries the sled, climbs into the hole. Girl with a wolverine. Gulka runs out of the cage, runs through the snow, climbs a tree. Part 3 Plot 2 (continued). Wolverine on a tree. Gulka runs along the cleared path, jumps around the cage. The man puts Gulka in a cage. Plot 3. ELEVEN AND ONE. Aerial acrobats perform in the circus arena. The circus rider rides two horses. Aerial gymnast walks along the wire. The son of a philologist-lexicographer, author of the Explanatory Dictionary D.N. Ushakov - acrobat V.D. Ushakov, the head of the "Ikarian Games" number, conducts rehearsals with circus performers and pupils of the children's circus studio (sinhr.). V.D. Ushakov talks about the guys (sinhr.), Introduces the pupils to his former student V.P. Zaitsev, who became a mathematician and teacher at Moscow State University. V.P. Zaitsev in the arena makes a coup. The guys are applauding. V.P. Zaitsev in the audience at the blackboard giving a lecture (sinhr.). Schoolchildren - acrobats in the classroom in mathematics (sinhr.). Certificate of a circus artist, schoolboy Stanislav Petrovich Raktseev. The teacher talks with Slava about learning (sinhr.). Part 4. Plot 3 (continued). V.D. Ushakov guys congratulate Vika with excellent passing of exams. The guys throw Vika up. Vika talks about plans for the future (sinhr.). Volodya Belov's wedding; the boys carry the bride's veil. The guys congratulate the newlyweds. The guys perform acrobatic stunts at the rehearsal. Performance of acrobats in the circus arena. The audience applauds. Vika performs various jumps in an empty arena. V.D. Ushakov gives commands (sync.)
E. Ostashenko, G. Elnitskaya, S. Raiburt
Film ID
, graphics
, out-of-school education
, the circus
, painting
, technical physics and applied mechanics
, zoology
Number of Parts
I. Kuznetsov, P. Filimonov, L. Zilberg
Other Creators
editor N. Kaspe, sound engineer A. Romanov, production director R. Poddyakova, script writers R. Baginyan, G. Elnitskaya, V. Kapitanovskiy
Release Date
Has Sound

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