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Poetess Yulia Drunina presents the plots of the film almanac (sinhr.). 1 part. 1 plot. Panorama "Battle of Stalingrad". Views of Volgograd (removed from the plane). A guard of honor at one of the monuments to the fallen defenders of Stalingrad. General view of the memorial complex on the Mamayev Kurgan. View of the ruins of "Pavlov's House", the ruins of the old mill. General view of the building of the panorama of the Battle of Stalingrad. Greek artists are working on creating a panorama. View of drawings and sketches of individual panorama fragments. Among the artists: M. Samsonov, V. Dmitrievsky, F. Usypenko, G. Marchenko, P. Maltsev and others. General view of the military uniform sent to create a panorama by veterans from all over the country. Schoolchildren and war veterans listen to the story of one of the participants in the Battle of Stalingrad while viewing the panorama. Military newsreels: German planes in the air, Soviet soldiers are fighting in one of the districts of Stalingrad, a panorama of a sculptural group depicting children in a round dance against the background of destroyed and burning buildings. Part 2. 2 plot. Scuba diving into the depths of the centuries. Scuba divers under water, on the Black Sea coast. General view of the excavations of the ancient city of Gorgippia - an ancient Greek colony in the vicinity of Anapa. Scuba divers jump into the sea from a boat, swim under water, find ancient vessels. View of the remains of a sunken ancient ship, an old cannon. cores lifted by scuba divers from the day of the sea. View of an old anchor. General view of the coast of Novaya Zemlya - Ice Harbor. Scuba divers searching for the remains of V. Barents sailing ship under water and on the shore. General view of the remains of a sailing ship and other items from the expedition of V. Barents found by scuba divers. The members of the expedition get into a helicopter, the helicopter takes off. 3 plot. I am a hundred years old. The girl reads K. Chukovsky's poems (sinhr.), The boys stand on the stage, one of the boys reads "Mukhu-tsokotukha" (sinhr.). View of newspaper and magazine articles dedicated to K. Chukovsky. Meeting of the writer L. Lebedinskaya, the literary critic Nepomniachtchi, the poet V. Berestov and the actress R. Zelena. Chukovsky (sinhr.). L. Lebedinskaya, V. Nepomniachtchi and V. Berestov share their memories of Chukovsky (sinhr.). View of photographs of pre-revolutionary Odessa. View of Odessa streets. yards, buildings. View of the building of the former gymnasium where K. Chukovsky studied (real name Nikolai Korneichukov). The building of the library, which was often visited by the young K. Chukovsky, the reading room where he worked. View of the coast of the Gulf of Finland. View of the house in Repino, where K. Chukovsky lived. View of the house-museum of I. Repin - "Penates". Interiors of rooms in the house-museum. View of the archive storage in / Pushkin House /: racks with funds. N. Nekrasov Foundation: manuscripts, drafts of the poet. The book "Poems of N.A. Nekrasov" edited by K. Chukovsky. General view of the house of K. Chukovsky in Peredelkino. K. Chukovsky's office. The woman talks about Chukovsky's library, about how he worked with the collected works of A. Chekhov (sinhr.). Books by K. Chukovsky: "From Chekhov to the present day", "Chekhov". Newsreel footage: K. Chukovsky works at the table (60s). Part 4. Continuation of 3 plots. Interiors of rooms in the house of K. Chukovsky in Peredelkino. View of the Neva., The embankment of the Fontanka river. View of one of the streets, the house where the symbolist poet Vyacheslav Ivanov lived. View of the Trinity Bridge. Newsreel footage: K. Chukovsky, sitting in his office, talks about his meeting with V. Mayakovsky, talks about his trip to England, shows the children who came to meet him, the mantle that was presented to him in Oxford (all sync.), children look, smile. View of K. Chukovsky's books for children, published in English. Books by K. Chukovsky "From 2 to 5"; K. Chukovsky plays with children in the garden (50s 60s.) Children on the seashore play in the sand. The audience at the exhibition in the Central House of Writers, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of K. Chukovsky; among those present: R. Zelenaya and others.
A. Burimsky, V. Kryuchkin, M. Tavrog
Film ID
the second world war
, out-of-school education
, archeology
, literature
, museums
, everyday life
, landscapes
, archives
, libraries
, cities
, expeditions
, air transport
, painting
Number of Parts
L. Chumakov, V. Kryuchkin, V. Kolyushev
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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