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Kinoalmanakh talks about the entrepreneur, former Olympic champion in biathlon A. Tikhonov. The film uses the following footage: Newsreels: A. Tikhonov at a distance during the biathlon competition at the Olympic Games, rewarding A. Tikhonov; a resident of one of the villages of the Rostov region tells (sinhr.) about the farm "Tikhonov and Co" that the entrepreneur A. Tikhonov did not see the farm, that the residents only know his partner SISvitenko; view of one of the streets of Kolomna, A. Tikhonov gets out of the car; NDP "Tikhonov and Co Fresh bread"; preparation of dough and baking bread in the bakery of A. Tikhonov company, type of finished bread products; Moscow Mayor YM Luzhkov at the opening of one of Tikhonov's entrepreneurial companies, A. Tikhonov with his wife at one of the events; A. Tikhonov talks (off-screen) about his activities as an entrepreneur; general view of one of the villages in the Rostov region; pigs in the yard of the farm "Tikhonov and Co", grazing; type of finished products of the agricultural firm; employees of the agricultural firm tell (sinhr.) about how they came to work in the agricultural firm A. Tikhonov and his partner Svitenko; the harvester is working in the field harvesting grain, grain is poured, A. Tikhonov examines, tastes the grain of wheat; harvesting tomatoes in the fields of the farm, SI Svitenko tells (sinhr.) about the creation of an agricultural firm, about its development; A. Tikhonov with a horse on the territory of the equestrian club "Tikhonov Club"; rewarding entrepreneur A. Tikhonov, A. Tikhonov goes on stage, those present in the hall applauded.
G. Gataullina
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, plant growing
, food industry
, livestock
, horseback riding
, cities
, agricultural enterprises
, awards
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V. Dobronitsky
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