Hour of Fate

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The film is dedicated to the history of Russian shipping. The film includes shooting: the cover of the magazine "Russian shipping monthly magazine of the Imperial Society of Shipping". Books dedicated to Russian shipping for 1912-1913. The brass band plays on the street of the city. Photos of Russian naval officers. Bulgaria. city of Varna. Former diver Dimitar Mitev, pensioner Kiryak Karabinov (Byala), priest Father Mikhail (Byala) talk about the Russian ship "Kolkhida" (sinhr. In Bulgarian). Scuba divers explore the remains of a sunken ship at the bottom of the sea. The film includes c / t shooting: Russia. 1900 Naval officers stand on the deck of the imperial yacht. 1912-1914 - Emperor Nicholas II mounts a horse, plays football with his family members. Imperial horse racing. Tsarevich Alexei surrounded by the imperial retinue on the deck of the imperial yacht. 1900s. Helicopters take off into the sky from the surface of the water. World War I 1914 Explosions on the battlefield. Soldiers of the German army at the tank. Soldiers of the Russian army are in formation. 1915 - Sailors on the warship Colchis. 1917 Petrograd. People at the demonstration with transporters. February 1917 - the soldiers of the Russian army rejoice. October 1917 Red Army soldiers are rolling a cannon along the road, riding horses. France 1919. Versailles. The leaders of the European allied countries of the powers are at the entrance to the palace. Russia. 1920s Red Army soldiers are marching in formation. Ruined village house. General Wrangel among his soldiers. Soldiers of the Red Army on the railway. LD Trotsky among the people. SM Budyonny on horseback looks through binoculars.
S. Starodubtsev
Film ID
world war i
, the second world war
, standard of living
, rallies
, painting
, military communications
, )navy
, flag
, landscapes
, ground troops
, graphics
, holiday demonstrations
, railroad transport
, including vov)
, sea transport
, februaryrevolution1917 (and octoberrevolution1917g
, printing (periodical)
, coat of arms
, christianity
, sculpture
, political connections
, cities
, air transport
Number of Parts
Yu. Musatov
Other Creators
Sound engineer A. Kolmykov
Release Date
Has Sound

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