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A film about the harmful effects of mat (profanity) on human health. 1st part. National holiday of Ivan Kupala. Young people play on the shore of the lake, launch boats on the water, burn a scarecrow, jump over a fire. Girls in wreaths of birch branches sing on the shore of the lake. Rainbow over the lake. The head of the Center for Environmental Survival and Safety G.S. Cheurin talks about the impact of the mat on human health (synchronously). Doctor of Technical Sciences, President of the International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography KG Korotkov talks about the effect of the mat on human health (synchronously). Doctor of Biological Sciences, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Candidate of Philosophy, Head of the Problem Laboratory of the Federal Scientific Center of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation S.V. Zenin talks about the property of water to transform information received from the outside (synchronously) .Photos of the structure of water exposed to various words. An employee of the laboratory of the Department of Information Technologies at the Altai State Technical University conducts an experiment with water. Different structure of water before and after reading a prayer. Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the RSFSR, Doctor of Technical Sciences L.I. Goskov talks about the results of studies of the energy of emotions by the method of sprouting technology (synchronously). 2nd part. Clinic "Health" at the Center for Thermal Imaging in Yekaterinburg. Devices that record the effect of stress on the human body. Glow around the fingers before and after the experiment. Cover of the book "Riddles of Living Glow". KG Korotkov talks about the meaning of love in human life (synchronously). Window beam of light in the church. Believers with children in the church. The priest of the St. Panteleimon Church in Yekaterinburg E. Polichenko during a sermon speaks about the meaning of the word in human life (synchronously).
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, landscapes
, medicine
, biology
, peoples life
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