How the Broom Became a Hockey Stick

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The film tells about the origin of the ball and sports stick. Part I A boy walks down the street [Leningrad] past a sports store window with hockey equipment and sports balls. Suddenly, the mannequin from the window comes to life (actor K. Raikin) and begins a story (sync. And off-screen) about how long ago the ball appeared and the game in it. He shows the boy old home-made balls of different sizes from various materials and from different countries of the world, in the Museum of the Academy of Arts - an antique sculpture of athletes, in the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) - the life of American Indians who played ball with sticks very similar to modern ones 3000 years ago hockey sticks. Tells about the ancient Georgian national game - tskhenburti (a kind of equestrian polo: riders play ball with sticks with a net at the end). Shows the training of the women's field hockey team. Part II "Mannequin" (actor K. Raikin) tells (sync. And off-screen) about how skates appeared 1700 years ago. Pictures depicting ice skating in Holland (where iron skates were made 500 years ago) and in Russia (Tsar Peter I brought skates from Europe). Fans of field hockey skated, and this game became known as "bandy", later - "Russian hockey". Fragments of the ball hockey game of the Moscow Dynamo. In the beginning, instead of sticks, the players have brooms in their hands. Gradually, the ball transforms into a puck. Ice hockey with the participation of athletes from the Moscow clubs "CSKA" and "Dynamo", the national teams of the USSR, Finland and Sweden. On the ice, the player of the Dynamo team Yuri Aleksandrovich Vozhakov and Honored Master of Sports of the USSR Boris Petrovich Mikhailov (CSKA), Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Fetisov (CSKA), Valery Ivanovich Vasiliev (Dynamo), Sergei Mikhailovich Makarov (CSKA) ...
E. Justice
Film ID
development of physical culture and sports
, foreign countries (egypt)
, specialized industrial stores
, national (folk) sports
, architecture
, engraving
, sports societies
, art museums
, hockey
, croquet
, vintage books
, production of musical instruments
, local history
, production of sports goods
, sculpture
, ethnographic museums
Number of Parts
V. Suprun
Other Creators
scriptwriter K. Rovnin, composer D. Krivitsky, sound engineer A. Romanov, editor N. Kaspe
Release Date
Has Sound

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