How to Protect Yourself From the Action of Toxic Substances

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City street, traffic. The passage of people with personal protective equipment: a personal gas mask and an anti-chemical package. The content of the anti-chemical package is shown. A woman from the tap fills a decanter with water, puts food in sealed packages to protect them from the action of toxic substances. Observation post, a guard is watching on the roof of the building. Protective clothing hanging. Decontamination means. Roof warning loudspeaker. (З / к announcement of air raid, air raid signals). Passers-by rush for cover. People go down to the shelter. Empty city streets, there is transport. Airplanes in the sky. Observation posts of chemical protection (z / k explosions from bombs). Chemical alarm signal. People wear gas masks. The post of chemical protection fences the contaminated area and degassing it. A group of people in gas masks in a shelter. The woman, using the tampons of the anti-chemical package, removes the tampons of the anti-chemical package, removes the drops of the poisonous substance from the man's shoulder. Members of the post of chemical protection make a flooring of boards and take the victims to the washing station along it. Water treatment of contaminated areas. People wash themselves in the shower. Announcement over the loudspeaker of the elimination of the threat of an air attack. Hang up. People leave the shelter. The movement of vehicles and people on the street of the city; degassing continues in the contaminated area, traffic in this area is closed.
E. Kuzis, W. Morgenstern
Film ID
224,3 м
Number of Parts
A. Filippov
Other Creators
Script writers - E. Kuzis, G. Soloviev
Release Date
Has Sound

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