Human Dimension

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The film tells about the conference of the CSCE "Human Dimension", which took place in Moscow in 1991. The first part. Russia, Moscow. View of Okhotny Ryad street. State Duma building. The movement of urban transport on the carriageway of the street. Building of the House of Unions. There is a banner on the building with the inscription: “СSCE. Conference on Human Change. Moscow 10 IX-4X 1991 ". Flags of the countries participating in the conference. Conference participants are sitting at a round table during the meeting, applauding. President of the Soviet Union M.S. Gorbachev delivers a welcoming speech (offscreen). Members of the delegations of Poland, Norway, Monaco, Portugal and others at the round table. TV operator in the hall. Newsreel footage 1986 Austria, Vienna. The building in which the meeting of representatives of the countries participating in the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe took place. Flags of the participating countries near the building. Interview with the head of the US delegation F. Zimmerman (sinhr., In English). Meeting participants in the meeting room; among those present - the delegations of the USA, Canada, Bulgaria and others. Russia, Moscow. Participants of the conference "Human Dimension" in the meeting room. Journalists, cameraman in the hall. President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin speaks to the conference participants. Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation A.V. Kozyrev among those present in the hall. Conference participants on the sidelines of the House of Unions. Interview with an American diplomat, from a meeting participant L. Alekseeva (sinhr.). Exhibition dedicated to the events of August 1991 at the Museum of the Revolution. Exhibits of the exhibition: documents, homemade posters, teapots, military helmets, a wooden cross, photographs of M. Rostropovich, tankmen, etc. Second part. Russia, Moscow. Conference participants on the sidelines of the House of Unions. Interview with representatives of the human rights organization Amnesty International Nikola Duckworth (sinhr.) And the delegation of independent Lithuania G. Tobitskaite (sinhr.). Conference participants in the hall at the table. The wife of A.D. Sakharov - E.G. Bonner in the hall among the participants. Social and political figure, associate of A.D. Sakharov - S.A. Kovalev talks with journalists. Russia, Zagorsk. Trinity-Sergius Lavra. Cathedrals of the monastery. The priest passes through the territory of the monastery. Conference participants visit the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. Domes of the cathedral. Newsreel footage of the 1920s and 1930s: the head office of the church falls; men remove icons in the church; a bunch of church bells; anti-religious performance "Easter is not holy, but our Komsomol"; participants in the performance in costumes of [Easter] eggs on stage; the process of making barbed wire; automatic winding of barbed wire; barbed wire fencing; prisoners on the territory of the Solovetsky camp. The third part. Newsreel footage: a calendar sheet with the inscription: "December 21, 1949, Wednesday, 70 years since the birth (1879) of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin"; portrait of I.V. Stalin; opens a folder with the inscription: “Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin. Union of Soviet Writers December 21, 1949 "; signatures of Soviet writers under the congratulatory text; signing a congratulatory letter to Comrade Stalin in the conference hall of the House of the Union of Writers of the USSR by writers A.E. Korneichuk, M.A.Sholokhov, S.V. Mikhalkov, M.V. Isakovsky, A.I.Bezymensky and others are standing nearby; a congratulatory letter from the Union of Composers of the USSR is signed by the composer A.I. Khachaturian, T.N. Khrennikov, D.D.Shostakovich, S.S. Prokofiev; I.V. Stalin, V.M. Molotov at a polling station, Russia, Moscow. Kremlin wall. Bust of J.V. Stalin at the Kremlin wall. Lenin's mausoleum on Red Square. The movement of vehicles on the carriageway of the street. A pedestal without a statue of F.I.Dzerzhinsky on Lubyanskaya Square. On the pedestal is the Russian flag. Museum building Museum of the Revolution. A trolleybus, an armored car, a statue of F.E. Dzerzhinsky in the courtyard of the museum. A park of fallen sculptures near the building of the Central House of Artists. The sculpture of J.V. Stalin lies in the park. Representative of the USSR delegation at the Moscow conference S.A. Kovalev smokes at the table. Sculpture D. Mitlyansky - "S. Kovalev at the funeral of his friend and teacher A. Sakharov." Interview with S.A. Kovalev (synchronously). Photos of the funeral of A.D. Sakharov. A photograph of A.D. Sakharov. A plate on the carriage of a passenger train: "Gorky-Moscow". House where A.D. Sakharov lived in Gorky. A.D. Sakharov is carrying a suitcase (photo). Demonstrators hold a homemade poster with the inscription: "Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov - mind, honor, conscience of the people!" A.D.Sakharov in the crowd (photo), at a press conference (photo), at a rally; next to him is T.H. Gdlyan (photo), at the congress they are talking with M.S. Gorbachev (photo), speaking at the microphone (photo). An empty hall in the House of Unions, where the conference "The Fourth Dimension" was held.
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rural settlements
, automobile transport
, local government authorities
, railway transport
, the relationship between the state
, christianity
, museums
, villages
, production of metal products
, international organizations
, cities
, religionchurch
, sculpture
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M. Babak, I. Itskov, I. Filatov
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