Hungarian Chronicle No 2

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The city of Stalinovaros. The building of the metallurgical plant. Casting iron in the workshop. Worker at the technological process control panel. The elevator lifts the ore wagons. The workers check the readings of the instruments. Molten iron flows. Molten metal molds. A peasant on a cart pulled by a pair of horses is driving along a snow-covered village street. The man leads the horse into the barn. A man and a woman are loading corn cobs into a peeling machine. The man loads the silo into the basket with a pitchfork. A cow is at the trough, a man pours silage into the trough. Cows are being led along the snow-covered village street. Cows in the barnyard. A room in a peasant's house: a woman knits, a young man plays the accordion, two men look at a magazine. Three men and a woman examine bobbins of thread in a weaving factory. The loom is at work. Workers in a sewing workshop. Women examine samples of lingerie. There are boxes with phonograph rollers on the shelves. A man puts a roller in a phonograph, listens to music and makes notes on paper. Museum exhibits of creativity from different countries. The man is restoring African sculpture. Brown bear in the snow-covered area of the zoo. Two men weigh a newborn bear. The dog feeds the cubs with milk. The woman feeds the bear cub from a bottle, rubs his fur and wraps him in a blanket.
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public leisure and recreation facilities
, standard of living
, rural settlements
, metallurgy
, livestock
, textile industry
, museums
, hungary
, a family
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