Hungarian Peoples Republic

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Educational film, which shows Budapest as an administrative, cultural, industrial center, as well as the western region of Dunantule and the eastern region of Alfeld of the Hungarian People's Republic. Part 1 Hungarian People's Republic. Lake Balaton. Sailboats on the lake. A herd of horses grazes. A field with sunflowers. An ancient fortress. City of Budapest. Part of the sculpture, building. Danube river. Views of Budapest. Mount Janos is the highest point in the city. Monument on Mount Gellert, representing the figure of a woman with a palm branch in her hands, erected in 1947 in memory of the Red Army soldiers who liberated Budapest from the German invaders. Bridge over the Danube. The building of the Hungarian Parliament, founded in 1885, is 96 meters high, built in the neo-Gothic style. Street, buildings in the Pest area. The Millennium Monument of Hungary at Heroes' Square. The building of the opera house, built in 1884. Sculptures by prominent Hungarian composers at the entrance to the theater of Franz Liszt and Ferenc Erkel. Monument to the national poet, one of the leaders of the Hungarian revolution in 1848-1849. Sandor Petofi. The Catholic Church of St. Matthias, part of the Buda Castle complex, built in the late Gothic style in the second half of the 14th century. Fisherman's Bastion is an architectural structure on the castle hill in Buda, which is a square surrounded by a gallery with hipped-roof towers. New residential buildings. Chepel Combine, which unites several dozen factories. Shop of a metallurgical plant. Signboard of a diesel locomotive plant. Installation of the car in the workshop of the plant. A passing train. The emblem of the Ikarus plant. Workers in the shop of the plant. Ikarus buses are the plant's products. Workshop of the aluminum smelter. Electrical engineering plant "Gants", workers in the shop. Work in the workshop of the Videoton plant, which produces sound speakers, computer units. Packers in the shop of a pharmacological plant. Work in the workshop of a chemical plant. Masts of the unified energy system "Mir". The train approaches the metro station. People on the escalator. Train driver. The bottle crashes against the side of the new ship. Steamer on the Danube. The boat is at the pier. Loading at the port. A lorry is passing through the port. The bus passes over the bridge. A train is going by. The pilot in the helicopter. The city of Sazhalombatt. Druzhba oil pipeline. Oil refining enterprise. Part 2 Hungarian People's Republic. Dunantul is the western region of Hungary. Picturesque landscapes of mountains, forests, rivers. Catholic cathedral. Fruit gardens, vineyards. Grape pickers. Sunflower field. Corn field. Wheat field. Agrocity: street, houses. Silo towers. Milk farm. Street of the ancient city. Baby carriages. Shoe factory. Weaving factory workshop. Assembly of automobile engines in the workshop of the plant. New cars. Drilling rig. A gas pipeline that carries gas to Budapest. Coal mining near the Pech coal deposit. Shop of a metallurgical plant. Work at the bauxite deposit. Thermal power plant. Gagarin. Alfred Plain - Great Hungarian Lowland. The rider on the plain. Peasant buildings. Otara sheep. Wheat field. Watering complex. Harvesting corn in a mechanized way. Paprika plantation - red pepper. Collecting paprika. Sorting tomatoes. Cucumber packaging. Work in the workshop of a cannery. Collecting honey in the apiary. The streets of the village in the plain. Livestock farms: cages with rabbits, chickens. Sorting eggs. Pig farm. Herd of cows. Herd of horses. Hydroelectric power station of the Tisza cascade. Irrigation installations in gardens and fields. Agreecultural machines. Agreecultural equipment. The helicopter sprays the field. A man in a cafe. The artist paints. Tokay mountains. Vineyards on the slopes of the mountains. Processing of grapes. The city of Szekesfehervar. Metallurgical plant. Part of the monument dedicated to the Millennium of the city. Coast of Balaton. Resort buildings. Yachts, pedal boats on the lake. A woman is swimming.
I. Popova
Film ID
, industry
, foreign countries (hungary)
, national economy
, settlements
, landscapes
, agriculture
, cities
, state structure
, art
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
editor L. Fayn-Hirsch, scriptwriter L. Fayn-Grisch, consultant G. Utkin, director of the Shkolfilm TsKL L.А. Zorkina
Release Date
Has Sound

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