Hunting in Kyrgyzstan

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The film tells about the diverse fauna of Kyrgyzstan, about various types of hunting, including hunting with birds of prey, as well as mountain goats and argali in the highlands. The film includes an episode of a meeting with American hunters, including the president of "Safari Club International" W. Parker. The film includes the following filming: 1 part. Views of Moscow: view of the Moscow Kremlin from the embankment, traffic on the Garden Ring in the evening. View of the airport "Manas" in Frunze. Selling vegetables and fruits at the city bazaar. Mountain landscape: mountains, valley, river. Marals graze by the river. Camp of hunters in the mountains. Hunting for pheasants, hares, foxes with birds of prey - falcon, hawk, golden eagle. Part 2. Hunters on horseback in the mountains, looking out for game. Mountain landscape with lake, forest. The species of animals in the mountains: marmot, porcupine, marten, lynx with lynxes, roe deer, ermine. Herd of horses in the pasture. The movement of the car along one of the tracks in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Ascent of hunters to the mountains. Ibex hunting. Type of hunting trophies. Meeting with American hunters from Safari Club International.
V. Lyubushko
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road transport
, cultural connections
, trade
, everyday life
, animal world
, landscapes
, usa
, hobbies
, cities
, air transport
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A. Gorchukov
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