I Am a German Composer From Russia Monologue by Alfred Schnittke

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A. Schnittke with his wife I. Schnittke at the Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow. A. Schnittke in Stockholm, Sweden: at the rehearsal before the "Music of A. Schnittke" festival, conductor E. Erickson is present. Stockholm city. Philharmonic Concert Hall. The audience in the hall, on the stage of the Stockholm Symphony Orchestra, conducts G. Rozhdestvensky, A. Schnittke walks with I. Schnittke along the city streets; press conference by Schnittke. A. Schnittke in the interiors of his apartment in Moscow with his son Andrey, talking about his work, about himself (synchronously). Violinist G. Kremer - an emigrant from the USSR, performs the fourth concerto for violin and orchestra by A. Schnittke (fragment), talks about Schnittke (synchronously). Germany. City of Hamburg. Buildings of ancient and modern architecture. The building of the Music Institute. A. Schnittke is engaged with students (synchronously in German). Concert Hall Hamburg. A. Schnittke's meeting with young musicians. A. Schnittke speaks (synchronously in German). West Berlin. Walotten Straße. Mansion. The courtyard of the mansion provided by A. Schnittke for work. Chronicle of the 1950s - early 1960s. T. Khrennikov on the podium; D. Shostakovich works with the score, with his family; composers sign a welcome address to JV Stalin. Present: A. Khachaturyan, A. Prokofiev, A. F. Gnesin and others. Meeting M. Rostropovich and G. Vishnevskaya at the Sheremetyevo airport, press conference.
M. Babak
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I. Filatov, A. Kochetkov
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