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The film tells about the songs of French chansonniers, which reflect the events taking place in the world and in the lives of individuals. Behind the scenes, songs are performed by Edith Piaf, Mireille Mathieu, Charles Aznavour, Jacques Brel, Jean-Philippe Smeux (Johnny Holliday), Salvador Adamo, Richard Anthony. PART ONE France, Paris. Balloons over the stadium. Fireworks. Models demonstrate clothes. Performance of variety show dancers on the street. The audience laughs and applauds. A festive evening procession of musicians and city residents. Speech by acrobats on a moving platform. The wings of the illuminated mill rotate. Balloons rise into the night sky. Backlit fountain. View of the Concorde Square in the evening. Trapeze artists perform various exercises at the Eiffel Tower. Panorama of the Eiffel Tower. General view of the city. View of the Seine river in the city. Bridge of Pont-aux-Changes. Palace of Justice. Trucks, cyclists in the square. Transport movement on the street. Passers-by. Customers in the record store. The seller is looking at the records. Embankment. The barge sails under the bridge. Ships on the river. Bridges over the Seine river. The boys on the shore are swinging on the rope. Boy on the deck of the ship. A man with a girl on the embankment. Nuns on the bridge. The dry cargo ship is sailing along the river. France. View of the river in the countryside. Bridge over river. Slowly opens the airlock. River flow. Clouds (aerial photography). Seagull in the sky. Photo portraits of Edith Piaf, Gilbert Becot, Jacques Brel, Mireille Mathieu, Johnny Holliday, Anthony and others. PART TWO. The man walks on his hands on the asphalt. Foreign chronicle. Exhausted African children. Coins pour out of the machine. Trading on the stock exchange. Policemen on the street talking to people. Participants of the fight without rules in the ring. Spectators in the hall. Two wrestlers in the ring kick the third wrestler. The police pick up a black woman lying on the asphalt. The policemen are leading the African. The policemen carry the victim into the car. Police officers on city streets in the evening and daytime. Broken grate near the city building. Broken street showcase. Column of police on the street. The door to the prison cell opens. People are counting money. Boys boxers in the ring. Procession of Ku Klux Klan members with a lit cross. A group of Ku Klus Klan members, including a child (USA). The Hitler Youth are in a line, marching (Germany, 1930s). Demonstration of neo-Nazis, veterans of the Wehrmacht. Wehrmacht awards at the meeting participants. Wehrmacht veterans greet each other. Workers rallies. Military parade of the Bundeswehr with the participation of infantry, tanks "Leopard-1", ATGM armored personnel carriers, tactical missiles (FRG). Submarine descent. Aircraft carrier at sea. A military fighter plane takes off from an aircraft carrier. The fighter lands on the deck of an aircraft carrier. Rocket launchers at the exhibition site and at the test site. Tactical missile launches. Military newsreels. Concentration camp prisoners behind barbed wire. PART THREE. Foreign newsreels. Ruined buildings of houses. American military aircraft in the air. Vietnamese girls hide in a large earthen vessel. Shooting from a flying military aircraft. Automatic turn on the water. Belgian military near the car. The Israeli military guards the people sitting near the wall. Fire in the city. Clouds of smoke. Firefighters are working. Israeli checkpoint. Women and children drive out of the city by car. The US military is escorting a group of Vietnamese women. Four American planes in the air. Bombs are falling. Explosion of the building. Burning huts. An elderly Vietnamese woman is crying. A wounded Vietnamese woman. The house is on fire, the clubs are at home. Ruin. People in the ashes. American military on the plane. Helicopters in the air. American tanks in [Vietnam]. Israeli military vehicles. A dilapidated mosque. American pilots are on the airfield. The bombs are loaded onto the plane at the airfield. Takeoff of an American military aircraft. Four American planes in the air. American paratroopers descend by parachute. The US military takes the boxes out of the plane. Fighting on the territory of Vietnam, Arab states. Explosions of warships, buildings, military fortifications. The wreckage of an exploded plane is falling. Burning tank. Wrecked American plane. Personal belongings of an American pilot. The wounded. Evacuation of the wounded US military by helicopter. The corpses of the killed soldiers. FOURTH PART: Spain. Bullfighting spectators on the podium. The bullfighter goes to the arena, greets the audience. Trumpeters signal the start of a bullfight. Fight of a bullfighter with a bull. The workers of the arena carry the bullfighter on a stretcher. Trumpeters give a musical signal to continue the bullfight. Participants in the bullfight on the arena. The bullfighter teases the bull with his cloak. Picador annoys the bull with a lance. The bull will raise the picador horse. An enraged bull rushes to the bullfighter. The workers of the arena throw a raincoat over the bull. The furious bull raises the bullfighter on the horns. Workers carry the bullfighter from the arena. The bullfighter drinks water from a glass. Bullfighters talking during a break. Three bullfighters hug each other before the start of the bullfight. The bull runs out into the arena and jumps out to the spectator tribune. Spectators are fighting, shouting, knocking with mallets during a bullfight. Foreign newsreels. Auto racing. Cars are racing in a circle. Participants of the races leave the race. Racing cars are overturned. Singer Johnny Holliday performs on stage. Spectators in the hall. The girls sway to the beat of the music. Young people are dancing. Musicians are playing. Young people dance in ecstasy. The plane rotates in the air, falls, crashes. FIFTH PART: Foreign newsreels. Antiwar demonstrations in European cities, Japan, India and other countries. British police disperse the protesters. Acceleration of the demonstration with a stream of water. Policemen of different nationalities are leading the detainees. British police hold back the crowd of demonstrators. The police beat the demonstrators with truncheons. Police break up a sit-in [Korea]. Waves at sea. Waves roll onto the shore. Waves roll over a ship standing by the shore. Seagulls in the sky. The gateway opens slowly. River flow. The ship is sailing along the river.
Film ID
specialized trade
, france
, holidays
, the second world war
, vietnam
, automobile transport
, architecture
, festivities
, state trade
, other socio-political organizations
, spain
, israel
, borbazamir
, police
, light industry
, music
, automobile sport
, river transport
, fight
, villages
, navy
, rural settlements
, childrens organizations
, usa
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, armed forces
, peoples life
, missile troops
, air force
, the circus
, christianity
, entertainment
, cities
, great britain
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