I Rarely Dream of Russia

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Portraits of F.I. Shalyapin. 30s. Ships on the river. Various European cities with their architectural ensembles. Leningrad. Neva embankment. Landscape: field, plain, rising sun, trees, forest, birches, maple branch. Chaliapin's bust at the Repin Museum. Repin paints a portrait of Chaliapin (photo). The interior of the museum. Chaliapin's photos. Self-portrait from a painting by the artist Serov, including a portrait of F. Chaliapin. Rimsky-Korsakov Museum. The interior of the museum. Portrait of Chaliapin. F. I. Shalyapin in the dressing room (photo), in the costume of Boris Godunov (photo), in the role of Don Quixote (photo), Ivan the Terrible (photo). Personal belongings of F.I. Shalyapin: a glove, a hat, a cane. Grimmour's Chaliapin. Drawings made by the hand of Fyodor Ivanovich. Chaliapin and Rachmaninov (photo), Chaliapin with Anna Pavlova (photo), with friends (photo). People at the rally (20s - 30s). Men are fishing, women are in the field. Plants. Conservatory building. F.I.Shalyapin and A.M. Gorky (photo). Photos of Chaliapin as Mephistopheles. Filming until 1914. People on the streets of Moscow. The carriage. Bakery Filippova. Children collect donations. Music score of the song "Dubinushka". The peasants are having lunch in the field. Bazaar. Armored cars on the embankment of the Neva. Intelligentsia on the streets of Petrograd. People with banners are passing by. Unveiling of the monument to Danton (1919). People at the bookstore. Family portrait of Chaliapin. The program of the play "Boris Godunov". Repetition. Shalyapin in the role of Boris "(photo). F. I. Shalyapin in the people's house at the rehearsal (photo), during the performance (photo). Music hall in the building of the former people's house. Performance. Lighting effects. Dancers on the stage. Shalyapin in the role of King Philip II (photo). The Soviet government moved to Moscow. The funeral of the victims of the February Revolution on the Field of Mars. Transportation of firewood by tram. Moscow. Bolshoi Theater. Dressing room. Rehearsal. People with slogans near the theater. Museum-apartment of Chaliapin in Leningrad. Interior Museum. Trams are standing. Queue to shops. People at the station. A train is approaching. Moving wheels. Theatrical props, costumes. Lenin's office in the Kremlin. V. I. Lenin at the window. Chaliapin Museum in Moscow. Interior of the museum: clock, couch, table , billiard room, buffet, gramophone 1957. Shalyapin's daughter and wife at the opening of the bust to the singer Singer A.P. Ognivtsev and Shalyapin's daughter. Shalyapin's wife in the car. Shalyapin's son at the father's bust, enters the house. New Year tree. Photos of children in masquerade costumes. New Year cards. F.I.Sh Alyapin plays with his dog in the garden (1918). Monument at the grave of Chaliapin. Opening of the house-museum. I. Arkhipova speaking. Museum rooms. Theatrical costumes. Dressing room. Piano. Dining room. Desktop. The singer's office.
V. Fedorchenko
Film ID
river transport
, museums
, theatre
, music
, revolutionary movement in russia
, painting
Number of Parts
Y. Golubev
Other Creators
Script by V. Fedorchenko
Release Date
Has Sound

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