I Want to Know Everything No 169

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The newsreel has four plots. Plot 1. About the unusual properties of fish scales, about how ichthyologists know the age of fish and their habitat. Fish in the aquarium. Annual rings of a tree (photo). Rings on fish scales (shooting through a microscope). Scientists - ichthyologists in the laboratory study salmon scales under a microscope. The ichthyologist determines the age of the fish from the photograph of the scales. Plot 2. About smart machines working in a confectionery factory. The robot is a man at the exhibition stand. The robot machine drills a hole, winds the wire. Automatic machine tool with programmed control in operation. Automatic line for the production of sweets: sweets move on a conveyor belt; sweets are filled with nuts, covered with chocolate; packing chocolates into boxes. Computer operator at work. Automatic foil wrapping of chocolate bunnies. Plot 3. The plot is about the work of scientists who are trying to predict earthquakes. Newsreels: waves at the lighthouse; destruction of buildings, cracks in the ground. Scientists in the laboratory of the Institute of Physics of the Earth of the USSR Academy of Sciences are conducting tests on a model of the earth's crust. The instruments fix the cracks inside the model. Scientists examine cracks in a model after simulating an earthquake. Scientists at work in a mining laboratory. Mountain river. Plot 4. The plot introduces the viewer to the unusual soldiers of the artist Pyotr Fedorovich Kosmolinsky. P.F.Kosmolinsky at work on tin soldiers: he makes a sketch, sculpts a soldier from plasticine, paints ready-made tin forms. Illustrations in the book "Drawings of the Clothes of the Armed Russian Troops". Soldiers on the shelf. The Tin Army of the Artist. P.F.Kosmolinsky plays with his son in battle.
K. Rovnin, V. Bezenkov, T. Basova, T. Gutman, I. Kogan, E. Taravkova, I. Filimonova
Film ID
food industry
, academy of sciences of the ussr
, hobbies
, hobby
, zoology
, automationmechanics
Number of Parts
I. Korganov, P. Tartakov, O. Fedorov, N. Yurushkina
Other Creators
sound engineer A. Romanov, editor I. Pavlova, production director V. Kolodkin
Release Date
Has Sound

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