I Want to Know Everything No 172

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The newsreel consists of four plots. Plot 1. The plot tells how the song "Chapaev-hero walked in the Urals" was born, about its author, the nurse of the Chapayev division, Marusa Popova. Newsreel footage of the Civil War: cavalry galloping, Red Army soldiers on the streets of the city. Photo portraits of the hero of the Civil War, the commander of the 25th rifle division V.I. Chapaev and nurses Marusya Popova - the author of the song about Chapaev. A group photograph of soldiers of the rifle division commanded by V.I. Chapaev. The Red Army men are sitting around a fire at a halt (a song about Chapaev is played off-screen, staged). A fragment from the feature film "Chapaev" (1934, produced by the "Lenfilm" studio, scriptwriters and directors S. and G. Vasiliev) with the participation of actors V. Myasnikova (Anna) and B. Babochkin (Chapaev). Group photo portrait of diplomatic workers, including M.A. Popov. Photo by M.A. Popova with her daughter in her arms. Plot 2. About a reduced model of the sea - an ecotron, created in Odessa. View of the Black Sea. Seahorse, stingray and other fish at the bottom of the sea (underwater filming). Model of the sea - ecotron in the laboratory. Marine vegetation, sea fish and other animals in the model, which can be used to trace the relationship between the fauna and flora of the sea. Plot 3. About an amazing powder that allows you to split stone blocks without splinters, roar, dust. Newsreel footage (b / w): an explosion in a career. Pyramids of Egypt. Demonstration of one of the methods of splitting a stone block: a hole is hollowed out in the stone, a wooden wedge is inserted, which is poured over with water, the wedge swells from the water and breaks the stone. Scientists in the laboratory are testing a powder that breaks apart boulders. The experimenters drill a hole in the stone, pour in the powder solution, and the lump cracks. Plot 4. The plot reveals the riddle of rare, colored cacti. Novodevichy Convent in Moscow. A collection of cacti on the balcony of one of the apartments in a residential building. Photos of various types of cacti. A flower on a cactus. Cactus seeds. The owner of the collection examines the seeds of a cactus through a microscope, grafts a colored sprout onto the cactus. Yellow sprout on a green cactus. Red sprout on a green cactus.
N. Nikitin
Film ID
, christianity
, geochemistry
, invention
, vegetable world
, civil war in russia
, hydrology
Number of Parts
T. Aleinikov, V. Kuznetsov, O. Lebedinsky, O. Fedorov, N. Yurushkina
Other Creators
V. Antipova, T. Basova, I. Eliseeva, I. Kemarskaya A. Sadanduk, E. Taravkova, T. Chivikova
Release Date
Has Sound

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