I Want to Know Everything No 204

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1st plot. The plot is dedicated to the artist Nikita Blinov, who paints miniatures on birch bark. The following filming was used in the plot: Artist N.Yu. Blinov in a wood storage, peeling bark from birch trunks, working in a workshop on a drawing for its subsequent application on birch bark, the artist prepares birch bark for work, draws on birch bark; General view of paintings by artist N.Yu. Blinov on birch bark; panorama of a birch grove. 2nd plot. The plot tells about the production of light bulbs. The plot uses the following filming: Production processes in the shops of an electric lamp plant, namely the phase-by-phase production of electric bulbs and their testing. 3rd plot. The plot tells about the beauty of stones. The plot uses the following filming: Panorama over stones, various in shape and color; a master on a special machine cuts a stone in half, a cutaway view of a stone; a collector of stones is sitting at a table in a workshop, a panorama of the stones laid out on the table; General view of paintings made of stones depicting a horse, landscapes, etc. 4th plot. The plot is about photography. The plot uses the following filming: General view of photographs, which depict various animals, landscapes, individuals, collective portraits; general view of old pre-revolutionary cameras, with the help of which group portraits were made.
N. Voronov
Film ID
, photography
, landscapes
, decorative and applied art
, collecting
, electrical industry
Number of Parts
D. Masurenkov, E. Pokrovsky, V. Ropeiko, V. Rudneva, A. Klimentiev
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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