I Want to Know Everything No 209

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The newsreel includes plots: 1st plot. About modern balloons. The plot uses the following filming: Animals - a bear, an elephant, a tiger, a monkey, a lion, birds in the Moscow Zoo. A group of people pulls out a folded balloon from the car, unfold it, carry a basket with burners, assemble a gas burner, inflate the balloon; a balloon in the air over Moscow; view of the square and the gathered people from the balloon; the balloon flies over the river, fields, forests. 2nd plot. Moscow Military History Club. The plot uses the following filming: Members of the Moscow Military History Club in military uniforms of armies of different countries during the 1st World War during a rally dedicated to one of the historical dates associated with the victory of the Russian army; panorama of the girls dressed in the uniform of sisters of mercy. Participation of members of the military history club in the reconstruction of one of the battles. General view of details of military uniforms. A woman dressmaker sits at a sewing machine, sews military clothes for members of the military history club, tries on uniforms. 3rd plot. The development of the science of ethnography. The plot uses the following filming: Animals in the African savannah; among them are zebras, antelopes. General view of one of the photographic laboratories. Photographic portraits of people living in Chistopol. 4th plot. A story about a pony. The plot uses the following filming: B / W newsreel footage: monkeys in the jungle. The pony is lying on the ground. Pony mom with a foal; ponies are running around in the paddock.
A. Marutyan
Film ID
garment industry
, landscapes
, other socio-political organizations
, aeronautics
, zoology
Number of Parts
Y. Klishev, B. Bedenkov, A. Zakharenkov
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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