I Want to Know Everything No 212

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The newsreel includes the following plots: 1-st plot of the newsreel "Chandelier" tells about the famous chandelier of the Bolshoi Theater, about its history. The plot includes the following filming: a scene from the ballet "The Nutcracker" (sinhr.); the main roles of the ballet soloists of the theater N. Pavlova and V. Gordeev; views of the auditorium of the Bolshoi Theater; general view of the central chandelier in the hall; repairing the chandelier. 2nd plot. The plot "Horses on the Bolshoi" tells about the famous sculpture of an equestrian quadriga on the building of the Bolshoi Theater. The plot includes the following filming: the building of the Bolshoi Theater; view of Moscow from the theater building; restoration work on the pediment of the theater to restore the sculpture of the equestrian quadriga headed by Apollo (sculptor P. Klodt). 3rd plot. The plot "Cat's House" is dedicated to the new children's theater under the direction of Yuri Kuklachev. The plot includes the following filming: Yuri Kuklachev gives interviews (sinhr.), Participates in the performance; the interior of the theater foyer, woodcarver V. Konovalyuk, working on the interior of the theater, works in the workshop - he makes doorknobs in the form of cat's muzzles; the theater veterinarian is receiving patients - cats; theater performance; young spectators in the auditorium watch the performance, applaud; Yuri Kuklachev with theater artists. 4th plot. The plot tells about the theater "Labyrinth" - about the smallest theater, which is placed on the wall in an ordinary room. The plot uses the following filming: the author of the theater - artist L.Ya. Grol talks about his theater (sync. And for the frame.), Demonstrates the principle of the theater "Labyrinth", when to the music one picture replaces another.
P. Filimonov
Film ID
, theatre
, veterinary
, cities
, sculpture
, monumentshistoryculture
, zoology
Number of Parts
Y. Maksimov, V. Titov
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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