I Want to Know Everything No 226

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The newsreel includes the following stories: Actor A. Tartakov, the host of the newsreel, the 1st story, which tells about the production of scary masks for horror films. The plot uses the following filming: Panorama of the artist's studio. Man in a monster mask. General view of the models of monsters. The artist is working on the masks of the monsters. The make-up artist makes up the actor using the monster mask overlay. 2-nd plot. The plot tells about a water bug - smooth. The plot uses the following filming: View of a pond in the forest. Bed bugs swim in the water. The bug paddles with paddles on the water. The bedbug hunts a moth, sits on a bitch. 3rd plot. The plot tells about the training of future astronauts in zero gravity conditions, which is created in an airplane. The plot uses the following filming: Test pilots undergo training at the Cosmonaut Training Center: train on simulators under the supervision of doctors, train in special spacesuits in zero gravity; the launch of the spacecraft at the cosmodrome, astronauts in zero gravity. 4th plot. The plot tells about the history of sound recording and about laser disks. The plot uses the following filming: General view of the gramophone pipe, the wax roller of the phonograph rotates, the gramophone records rotate on the gramophone, on the gramophone; general view of the process of creating a laser disk, an automatic machine for the production of laser disks is working.
K. Rovnin
Film ID
, biology
, decorative and applied art
, production of cultural goods
, cosmonautics
, zoology
Number of Parts
E. Uetsky, A. Romanov, B. Slomyansky
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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